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By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Let’s look into the minds of our Yoga students. What do they need most? What are the most valuable gifts we can leave behind for our students? Is it something expensive? Would they benefit most from an electronic gift?

Many people look at the word “gift” as a tangible present, but you can give your students good memories and valuable lessons, which last a life time. Below are a few priceless gifts for your students.

Instill enough positive energy within them to become their own best Yoga teacher. A student must learn to develop full awareness of his or her physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Never hold back any information, which will benefit a student’s health or success. Yoga instructors are a guide toward a healthy and successful life. Students must be encouraged to independently think for themselves.

Praise your students, when it is earned. Whenever a student tries his or her best, you should acknowledge the effort with praise. When you praise, you instill self-worth in your students. Self-worth is a must, for any person to find a valuable purpose in life.

Take the time to observe everything possible and give an assist when needed. This does not only apply to physical assists in asana practice. When you see a student who could use encouragement, make sure you are a motivator.

Create a haven within their classes. Students should expect a nurturing atmosphere without pretense, intolerance, or sarcasm, in their classes. It should be a pure joy to learn Yoga from you.


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