Jnana Yoga


The Vedas signify divine knowledge. In the Vedic traditions, knowledge is of two types viz: direct or indirect. Direct knowledge comes through the senses, mind, and objects, while indirect knowledge comes from within, which we call intuitive knowledge. Originally, the Vedic hymns were divinely inspired by Lord Brahma (the soul of the universe), who revealed them to the ‘Rishis’ (sages), in a higher state of consciousness, and hence known as ‘Shrutis’ (what was heard). Rishis then revealed it to their disciples, Gurus.

The Mystery of Jnana Yoga

The answers to most of our problems are within us. The true self is like an onion, with rough outer layers of personality, which the world sees. These outer layers make up our social mask and we have to be careful. There is no Yoga teacher certification for union by knowledge, but self-realization is a quest that can become a personal accomplishment for those who are willing to spend a lifetime of study, practice, and devotion.

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