Positive Thinking

Yoga Skills for Positive Psychology

Yoga methods focus on the alignment of the mind and body, by bringing them together into a state of synchronicity, in order to smoothly transition into each fluid movement. By utilizing asanas (poses) and pranyama (controlled breathing), an individual is able to achieve a higher state of contentment, as well as feel a sense of interconnectedness with those around him.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Balance Ajna Chakra and Intuition

If one is able to balance the Ajna chakra, this will promote intuition, awareness, and self-mastery. The Ajna chakra (third eye) is the sixth main chakra within the seven chakra system. One way to activate this chakra is to practice Udgeeth pranayama.

Teaching Yoga for Happiness

Think back to a time of no responsibility, with a wide-eyed view of life and reality. When we were kids, how many of my friends said, "When I grow up, I'm going to become a Yoga teacher?" If memory serves me right, the answer is: "None."

Yoga Teacher Exam Stress

Yoga teachers often help their students with stress management techniques. Can you imagine a Yoga teacher intern stressed out over his or...

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