Yogic Subtle Body

About Yoga and Energy Healing

That’s why energy healing works. Yoga, especially, gets lymph moving, stirs up circulation, and stretches muscles and nerves so that energy can flow freely. Other forms of energy healing, as well as Yogic meditation and breathing, are even more effective when combined with a Yoga practice.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Balance Ajna Chakra and Intuition

If one is able to balance the Ajna chakra, this will promote intuition, awareness, and self-mastery. The Ajna chakra (third eye) is the sixth main chakra within the seven chakra system. One way to activate this chakra is to practice Udgeeth pranayama.

The Seven Chakra System of Hatha Yoga

There is much more to Hatha Yoga than asana practice. Every competent Yoga teacher training graduate knows about the major, minor, and lesser Chakras. Every Yoga certification course worth its weight teaches graduates about the subtle body of Yoga. Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

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