vinyasa yoga teacher training programBy Kimaya Singh

Although many people are aware of the vast benefits of practicing yoga techniques on a regular basis, most are unaware about how valuable this ancient practice can be for those who are looking to utilize the aspects of positive psychology into their lives. The field of positive psychology focuses on how to increase the level of happiness and well being in people’s lives, by helping them to become congruent with their most inner thoughts and belief systems.


For those who would like to enrich their lives with a sense of fulfillment and contentment, one must bring their physiological state of being under control as well. Yoga methods focus on the alignment of the mind and body, by bringing them together into a state of synchronicity, in order to smoothly transition into each fluid movement. By utilizing asanas (poses) and pranyama (controlled breathing), an individual is able to achieve a higher state of contentment, as well as feel a sense of interconnectedness with those around him.

What’s especially wonderful about the use of a yoga training session for promoting positive psychology, is that it teaches an individual about how to control one’s body and mind. Many times, those who seek out professional help are in desperate need of finding a way to adequately address maladaptive thoughts and behaviors. For these people, it can be difficult to feel in control of their minds, especially if they are bothered by troublesome thought patterns. Yoga techniques are one of the best ways to show people how to maintain control of one’s mind and body. When an individual practices yogic methodology on a daily basis, he is more inclined to focus on the positive aspects in life, therefore making adherence to the principles of positive psychology much easier.


It is no wonder why the use of yoga practices has been utilized in conjunction with many traditional approaches to psychology. The field of psychology is deeply focused on the ways in which the mind and body are interconnected. Many times, psychological well being is dependent on the interactions between biology, psychology, and sociology. An individual is much more likely to maintain a positive state of well being, if he or she is able to utilize yogic methods to maintain a congruent state of being. As the field of positive psychology continues to grow and expand, yoga techiques will continue to be utilized to help foster a positive state of mind.

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