200 hour Yoga teacher training program

Restorative Yoga to Reduce Stress

After practicing restorative yoga regularly, many students begin to notice a release of anxiety within the body, which they did not perceive before. They learn to calm anxiety faster. This skill helps them to reduce stress both on and off of their yoga mat.

Distance Learning for Experienced Yoga Teachers

Distance learning programs for experienced Yoga teachers is a fantastic avenue for pursuing continuing education credits and specialist...

Yoga Diet for Sensibility, Simplicity, and Happiness

Within every Yoga teacher training is the study of doshas, gunas, and koshas. You cannot study Yoga without learning something about Ayurveda and Yogic psychology. Above all things, Yoga is a spiritual practice and discipline that aids the aspirant to unify his or her body, mind, and heart. This wonderful, sacred, and ancient practice has enormous dietary benefits, while empowering the mind and spirit.

Chair Yoga Teacher Training Question and Answer Session

Below are common questions related to our Chair Yoga teacher certification course. Hopefully, these questions and answers are helpful. If not, please feel free to add comments related to Chair Yoga education, for teachers, below the post.

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