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Distance learning programs for experienced Yoga teachers is a fantastic avenue for pursuing continuing education credits and specialist training in the art of teaching Yoga. Experienced Yoga teachers should already have completed a minimum basic 200 hour Yoga teacher training program. Refining and expanding your skills and expertise as a Yoga instructor by taking online Yoga teacher training courses will deepen your understanding and repertoire of teaching techniques.

In order to maintain a Yoga teacher certification with your original teacher training organization, a Yoga instructor should re-certify his or her diploma every so many years.  Some schools have you go through recertification every year, while some give as much as five years.   Part of the renewal process to maintain a current diploma is to engage in a specific number of hours of Yoga teaching and 10 hours of continuing education credits over the course of each years. According to many organizations,  continuing education credits may be garnered through taking online courses related to Yoga as part of a non-contact continuing education requirement. This policy is within the ball park of most of the world’s Yoga teacher training organizations.

A distance learning program for experienced Yoga teachers will help to meet this requirement and will also keep you abreast of new information and innovative Yoga teaching techniques. A distance learning program will also offer a variety of optional courses in different categories related to the art of Yoga instruction. For example, you may wish to learn more about the sequencing of poses, modifications for working with special populations, Yogic philosophy or specific pranayama exercises.

A distance learning program for experienced Yoga teachers will offer you many of these options as well as the convenience of a correspondence course or an online program. You will be able to structure your online class participation to fit your scheduling needs. You will also be able to study and integrate the course material into your Yoga classes and personal practice at your own pace. Since you will have already mastered many of the elements of teaching Yoga, an online course geared specifically for experienced Yoga teachers will allow you the flexibility to customize your learning process.

These are some of the benefits of participating in a distance learning program for Yoga teachers. With ease, you will be able to fulfill many of the non-contact hour requirements for maintaining your Yoga teacher diploma through the organization that certified you. Maintaining a current Yoga teacher certification with your trainer is an important professional credential for teaching Yoga in a reputable Yoga studio, health club or community center. You will also continue to expand your understanding and appreciation of the depth of wisdom and knowledge that Yoga offers to students and teachers of all levels.  At the same time, it must be remembered that your valid Yoga teacher diploma proves that you are active in your training and continuing education.  This is very important to insurance companies.  It is doubtful a Yoga instructor would be covered by liability insurance if his or her diploma has expired.

While the cost of recertification can vary drastically, Yoga instructors can sometimes transfer credentials to another certifying body.  There for it may be wise to compare organizations.  For example: Let’s say you have two world recognized Yoga teacher organizations.  Organization A charges an average of $1000.00 per year, while organization B charges an average of $25 per year.  It might be wise to compare these two organizations and transfer over to organization B before organization A raises their prices.

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