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Yoga Diet Tips – Part I

Will Hatha Yoga teacher training courses prepare instructors for working with obese populations? Can Hatha Yoga teachers make an impact on a less physically active society? Can the Yoga diet help people avoid obesity? Among many other things, Yoga teachers should understand the Yogic diet.

Has Your Yoga Teacher Certification Expired?

At this time, the Yoga teacher training relationship, between trainer and intern, may not be based on years of tutelage. Some of the training, in fitness styles, of Hatha Yoga, may be specifically geared toward teaching in health clubs.

How You Can Become a Creative Hatha Yoga Teacher

Will your knowledge help a person in a wheelchair, a child, a pregnant student, or someone else who needs special attention? If your answer is "no," you may want to network with other teachers or take specialized Yoga teacher training courses.

Teaching Yoga – Warm Ups in Your Yoga Classes – Part 2

Warm-ups are absolutely important to reduce the risk of pulling muscles, injuring joints during the session and reduce the likeliness of muscle and joint stiffness after the session. Also the Yoga postures are more easily performed when the joints have been loosened and the muscles warmed.

How Important is Physical Assisting in a Hatha Yoga Class?

Most Yoga teacher training programs focus on teaching interns about physical assists, which guide a student toward proper alignment. Yet, many students attend classes where a Yoga instructor may not look at them for the entire class. Needless to say, there are no physical assists in these same classes. Why?

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Is a Hatha Yoga Teacher a Karma Yogi?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 What is Karma Yoga and what is a Karma Yogi? The word Karma can be defined as action, work, or service. Karma Yoga is often referred to as selfless service or unselfish action. This is work that you do, without any consideration of a reward. Many times, we may consider [...]

Could a Blind Man Become a Yoga Teacher?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Recently, I ran into a case in which a Hatha Yoga teacher, who had been teaching for years, was being refused from a Hatha Yoga teacher training course. Before anyone gets stirred up over this and the Act on the Affairs of the Handicapped, in the United States, this story [...]

Yoga Teacher Tips: Most Common Yoga Student Corrections

Also, you may want to add a prenatal Yoga warning to your initial handout, waiver, or questionnaire, for new students. Prenatal Yoga classes are specifically designed for the safety of pregnant students. From a legal viewpoint it is unwise to teach pregnant students without prenatal and postnatal Yoga teacher training.

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