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Family yoga is about creating a warm and inviting setting where people can gather together to practice yoga. Classes for all age groups and health scenarios can attend classes together. The community-based approach promotes healthy habits and awareness through courses.

What is family yoga?

Family yoga refers to a range of classes designed for people of all ages. Prenatal, postnatal with baby, parent and child, adult, teen, preschool and family yoga are examples of classes held at a family center. This type of studio, family yoga centers are about creating a close knit, cozy community for families of all backgrounds.

Children and yoga … how does that work?

A range of relaxation and meditation techniques are taught to children. The goal is to help children develop self-awareness at a young age and become more balanced. Children are introduced to the yoga basics while games and age-appropriate activities are enjoyed. Many of the principles and techniques taught in this course are also taught in public schools and implemented in special programs.

• A California State University study shows a 20 percent increase in sense of well-being reported by 8th grade students

• A 2008 Study showed a 43 percent improvement in spatial category area after learning yoga breathing, relaxation and meditation (PMID: 18300936)

• A 2012 ISRN study showed 46 percent improvement in ADHD in students when yoga was practiced

How does family yoga help families bond?

Families are able to spend more time together and bond over a healthy routine. Children can master the basics of yoga and have an additional option to attend a rewarding family outing together. Families are able to incorporate healthy practices into their life in incorporating the healthy pastime of yoga into their family time. Many families find that yoga signals a new beginning and approach to living a balanced life. As the family comes together and embraces fun activities like these, it is easier to implement other lifestyle changes.

Yoga for families promotes togetherness and balance. Children perform better in academic settings when they’re introduced to yoga relaxation techniques. Families can see an improvement in the family dynamic as a whole because children feel calmer and better about themselves because of yoga. Yoga empowers families with important relaxation, meditation and breathing techniques.


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