By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Teaching Hatha Yoga to children requires specialist skills. On the surface, it would seem easy enough to teach children about the foundational aspects of Yoga. Should one decide to teach children, it is wise to realize that they are not “little adults.”

Children like to laugh, have fun, play games, and they have an abundance of energy, in comparison to adults. Yoga teachers, who spend time teaching children, must be patient, fun-loving, and compassionate. If one does not have these primary ingredients ingrained in his or her personality, it would be wise to keep teaching adults.

If an instructor has all the necessary ingredients to teach children, he or she still needs to enter into a Yoga teacher training course, which specializes in teaching children. Depending on how much training, or experience, a Yoga teacher has – the course for teaching children may be in the 200-hour range.

The skills taught to children in Yoga classes will last a lifetime. Many of these skills may be referred to as “life skills.” Children become more relaxed, confident, coordinated, and learn the ability to focus on a task. Kids Yoga classes give children a haven to meet peers who come from well-adjusted families.

It is not easy to find young people, in a small group, who are consistently nudged in the right direction. There is always the argument that children will find their own way. However, what parent wants to let their child enter the world with no foundational guidance?

The point is that if we want our children to be guided in the right direction, we have to set limits on video games, television, Internet access, and any other potential hazards. With this in mind – children, in Yoga classes, are learning how to appreciate the finer things in life.

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