By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

The type of yoga you prefer to practice will guide you in choosing your training and the particular instructor certification process. Bikram yoga, vinyasa yoga, and hatha yoga, all take you down different training paths. Be cautious of training programs at your local yoga studio that require you to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to become a yoga teacher. Shop around until you find a program you like at a reasonable price. Many studios require at least a 200 hour certified yoga teacher (CYT) credential to teach classes.

If you want to become a yoga instructor, gather as much information as possible on the subject. Look for books about teaching yoga online, at local book stores, and at your local library. Also, ask a current yoga instructor for their advice on the subject. They can help you find the facts you need to choose a preparatory program. They may even offer to be your mentor.

Teaching yoga is one of the most fulfilling jobs available. Not only do you get to enhance your own personal sense of joy and well-being, you also get to share your happiness with others. However you choose to prepare for this wonderful vocation, be sure to enjoy your training and development.

In the United States, the Yoga Alliance is a nationally recognized organization that sets the standards for Registered Yoga Teachers. There are different levels of registration from the Yoga Alliance. For example: There is the 200 hour and the 500 hour teacher level. Their names refer to the length of the programs. Once you have completed your Yoga Alliance training, you can use the letters RYT after your name, which stand for Registered Yoga Teacher.

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