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Did you ever consider the reasons why students take classes? Yoga teacher training programs have many theories. There is a belief that students have a need to belong, but there is a flaw in this thinking. Why do students need to belong to our classes? If all students were lost souls, I suppose this would make sense, but the reason why most students approach a Yoga school is for the benefits. If you feel pain, you want relief from suffering.  

Anyone, regardless of gender, age, or fitness level, can benefit from Yoga. It can be used to strengthen the body and relax the mind. People are often unsure of trying it because they are afraid that they won’t be able to maintain the poses or they feel they aren’t flexible enough. However, one of the great things about Yoga is that there are modifications for many poses that let people adapt them to their comfort and fitness level. There are classes that are specifically formulated for all different types of people, including senior citizens, children, and pregnant women.

Scientists are just now beginning to understand exactly how stress affects the body. It contributes to many different types of health problems, including heart attacks, excessive weight gain, and problems sleeping. Many people have found that Yoga can be used to help aid in flexibility, get the blood flow going, and help with overall relaxation. It can also help to release endorphins into the bloodstream, therefore contributing to a more positive emotional outlook.

There are many different forms of Yoga to choose from, and people might have different needs according to what is going on in their lives. Those who want to decrease stress levels might benefit from a gentle Hatha class, where meditation and chanting will most likely be used. Those who want to challenge themselves physically may want to try Power Yoga, which is very advanced and mostly used by people who are already physically fit and flexible. Each type of practice offers its own challenges and rewards.

Unlike the latest fad diets or exercise regiments, Yoga training has been around for thousands of years. Its lasting power is a testament to how it has been used to change lives and instill health and a sense of well-being into those who practice it. Yogic methods have been known to transform lives and even lift people from depression. It is not some miracle fix, it takes time and dedication to your practice to see results. The important thing to remember is that it is an accessible form of exercise that can be used as a building block of a healthy lifestyle.

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