yoga teacher certificationBy Kimaya Singh

Now more than ever, Yoga instructors can be found teaching Yogic exercise, posturing, stretching, relaxation, stress management, meditation and pranayama, within office surroundings. As humans have made advancements in technology, machines do much of the world’s industrial and agricultural work. Manual labor is not entirely a thing of the past, but more machines replace human labor each year.

These days, a significant number of the world’s workforce is filled with people who work in offices. Many of those jobs are sedentary and don’t include much physical activity. Studies have shown that a sedentary lifestyle often leads to weight gain as well as other conditions that can have negative impacts on a person’s overall health. Paulji often mentions that sitting constantly causes blood to pool in the legs and feet.  This causes blood to thicken and puts anyone who sits for too long in a higher category of stroke risk. However, there is a global Yoga movement that has been sweeping the world for some time now, which has helped people get on their feet and get the blood flowing. More and more forward thinking companies are seeing the benefit of having employees practice Yoga training in the office.

Benefits for People in the Office

The upside of Yoga in an office setting includes better employee posture and higher levels of energy as well as decreased stress levels. All of that is often needed by people who are working in an office environment. Many companies offer classes at lunch time, break time or at the beginning or end of the work day. Companies and managers are seeing higher morale in their employees, less sick time, and many boast of higher productivity. Practicing Yoga is a way for many people to strengthen their mind-body connection, which in turn can make them happier and lead to other long-term health benefits.

Although some people can be intimidated by asana (Yoga posture) practice, they often find that it is a very accessible form of exercise in office classes. Almost anyone can do it, even if they have never tried it before. People of all fitness levels often find that it benefits them in ways they never would’ve imagined. There are so many modifications, beginners often find themselves pleasantly surprised at what Yoga truly has to offer. As their practice grows, many people find themselves enjoying a higher level of confidence, which often spills over in other areas of their lives. This can mean having a better outlook on life in general, which is something that is very beneficial.

Sometimes people associate Yoga training with chanting mantras and contorting into pretzel positions, and that can make them uncomfortable to think about. Although there are many different Yoga schools with diverse approaches, chanting isn’t part of the normal office training routine. Yoga in the office is a way to strengthen, tone, and increase flexibility in the body as well as the mind. As this form of Yogic exercise becomes more mainstream, especially in the office environment, more people are going to reap the benefits and that will have a positive impact on the lifestyles of the people who need it the most.

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