500 hour yoga certification intensiveBy Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

Thunderbolt Posture is also known in English as Vajrasana. When teaching students how to perform Vajrasana the Yoga practitioner begins in a kneeling position with knees and toes together; hips directly above knees and tops of feet lay flat on the ground.

Next, the student allows the heels of the feet to fall outwardly so that they may bring the sit bones in contact with the inner edges of the feet. To finish the pose the student places each hand palm facing down on top of each corresponding knee; left hand on left knee, right hand on right knee.

In the advanced performance of this pose the knees and shins are spread slightly apart and the sit bones are brought in contact with the floor. In both variations length and erectness of the spine are maintained while the student breathes deeply, evenly and gently through the nose.

Sitting in Vajrasana helps one to quiet or calm the mind and nervous system, conditions the legs, makes the knee joints more flexible, and improves posture by strengthening the erector muscles that are located on each side of the spine. It is also one of my personal favorites because of its ability to stack the spine in a straightest possible line.

Vajrasana is also known as seiza position by Zen meditation practitioners, martial artists, and the Japanese. You can easily modify Vajrasana with a bolster, pillow, kneeling, with the sit bones resting on your up turned feet, which will create a natural cushion. You can also use a blanket, bolster, block, or pillow to keep the weight off your feet and ankles.

There is no need to suffer from knee or foot pain, while practicing Vajrasana.  My Guru, Paulji, has a short web clip, which shows modification methods using two blocks rolled up, inside a blanket, to keep your spine straight and eliminate pressure from your feet and knees.  To see his video please click on the link below.


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