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I really want an on-site practical exam. What is the procedure for an on-site Yoga teacher practical exam if I can’t be there for your Spring or Fall dates?

The on-site practical exam is an excellent option. Many Yoga Teacher graduates prefer the preparation and live feedback they get after their on-site practical exam session. Below are the steps and procedures for an on-site practical exam. 1. Set a date with us. Right now, we need at least 30 days notice to schedule you [...]

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What exactly are you looking for on the Practical Exam?

A well designed lesson plan, containing warm ups, sun salutations, asanas (Yoga postures), pranayama, and meditation. You can substitute a stage by stage relaxation sequence for the meditation segment of your Yoga class. Suggested Sequence of Asana Series: sun salutations, standing, seated, cat or table, prone, and supine. There are many other options, but this [...]

What subject should my essay be about?

Your essay can be about Yoga and any health issue that motivates you. For example: Yoga for the Handicapped, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga for Kids, Yoga in School Systems for Physical Education, Yoga for Drug Rehabilitation, Yoga for Menopause, Yoga for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Yoga for Psychotherapy, and the list goes [...]

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When I send in my Yoga teacher practical exam, what video formats do you accept?

We can accept Yoga teacher practical exam videos in the following formats: VHS / NTC (North American VHS), DVD, VCD, and Video Stream. Unfortunately the PAL VHS videos are not compatible with our North American VHS players. Do not send small video tapes, such as: Hi8 format. These are de-magnetized by government security equipment.

In regard to the written exam, should my answers be straight from the book, other resources, or from my personal experience?

Unless the question asks, "according to the author" you are free to insert information from outside resources, your own experiences, and your Yoga knowledge. It is always more interesting to read your thoughts and experiences. One of the purposes of the Yoga teacher written exam is for you to have this basic knowledge "at hand," [...]

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Yoga Teacher Certification Courses on the Internet

How do you sort out which Yoga courses are reputable? If the certifying body specializes in Yoga, this is a major step. The certifying body should have a qualified Yoga teacher trainer on its staff. If the certifying body writes courses for aircraft mechanics and computer repair; you may want to shop around.

Online Yoga Certification – How Technology is Changing the Face of Teacher Training Courses

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 Traditional Yoga teacher training programs still exist, but traditional programs often last years. Not so long ago, the concept of an intensive face-to-face training, for a month, seemed like a new idea. All you had to do was schedule your time, and you could combine your training, with a vacation, [...]

Yoga Teacher Training Online – The Hidden Catch

online certification courses for Yoga teachers have hardly any hidden costs, in comparison to their on-site counter parts. Onsite program...

Is a Distance Learning Yoga Instructor Certification Right for You?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 There are many factors, which affect our choices in choosing the right Yoga teacher training program. We could join an onsite program, at an exotic resort in Bali, but what about our responsibilities? Obligations at home, on the job, or in college, are also part of our decision-making process in [...]

How Effective are Online Classes to Teach Yoga?

By Foras Aje After my interest was sparked a while back in regards to becoming an actual Yoga Instructor (or at least certified to teach it), based on my present schedule and commitments, I looked to see if there were any options online to get a certificate, hence the interest in online classes to teach [...]

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