Yoga Learning FAQs

What should be the ideal age to start yoga?

There is no ideal age for learning Yoga and there are many styles of Yoga, which focus on the many different aspects within such as Diet, Hygiene, Asanas for strength, Asanas for flexibility, Asanas for better health, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation, Enlightenment, and much more. The fact is; anyone who can breathe can practice Yoga. Older [...]

Is it possible for a person who is in his/her early 40’s to learn yoga and teach later?

Yes, the best Yoga teachers are the students who are serious about practice, know what they want, and are challenged along the way. Naturally athletic and youthful students can make good teachers, but they often push their own students to do things that they naturally perceive to be easy.

When using a Yoga correspondence course, how would I know, if what I was doing was a posture correctly?

About alignment: Always work with other Yoga teachers, even after becoming a certified Yoga teacher. It helps you learn new things, creates valuable contacts, and keeps you sharp. Find the best Yoga teachers in your area to learn from, work with, and possibly work for. If you are far away from a Yoga instructor, mirrors [...]

On receipt of the Aura Yoga course material how do I proceed with my Yoga teacher training? What do I need to have in order to fully benefit from the Yoga instructor training material?

Upon receipt of your Yoga training course material, you will receive step-by-step instructions - however, let's go over the highlights of your Yoga teacher certification course. You would want to focus on your written exam first. Set a goal of reading a realistic amount of pages each day. For example: if you were to read [...]

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