Yoga Products FAQs

Are the materials in the scratch and dent Yoga teacher kits guaranteed to work?

Yes, the DVD’s and CD’s have been inspected and repackaged, but if you have any problems with them, send us an Email and we will replace them free. All of the texts are functional, have been inspected for missing pages, and we do reject excessive wear. Most books have been scuffed and show signs of [...]

Would I still be able to teach adults if I were to purchase the Kids Yoga Teacher package?

Your diploma would state that you are a certified Hatha Yoga instructor for children. As mentioned earlier this is a specialist course for teaching Yoga to kids. If you want to teach as a "general practitioner," to a wide variety of students, the Camp-in-a-Box is the Yoga course for you. This course will cover teaching [...]

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Could you provide me with contact info for some of your customers who will act as a reference?

Firstly, we have a Privacy Policy posted at: // - This guarantees your privacy and the privacy of every contact we have. Getting satisfied students and graduates to volunteer contact information is a problem. People value their privacy and get very upset about Spam. Under the new US laws in regard to privacy and Email, [...]

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This price, for a Yoga course, sounds too good to be true. Your price is really low, are there any hidden charges for tutoring online or phone calls?

There are no hidden costs for Yoga teacher tutoring online or by phone. If you have an international order, your country may have customs fees. These vary in rate within each country. We do declare exported Yoga courses as "educational materials" and some countries have lenient policies with duty charges for education.

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Will the Yoga teacher training package you provide be enough to make me competent to teach Yoga. This is bearing in mind that I do not have access to a local Yoga instructor, who can supervise my Yoga teacher training?

Yes - The Aura Yoga teacher training course is entirely complete and if you wanted to send me an early video or DVD to monitor your progress, I would be happy to give you a review for free. A mirror, camera and audio recorder also make great learning tools for monitoring your progress while you [...]

How Credible is Aura and the Aura Yoga Teacher Certification?

Aura Wellness Center and Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 have global credibility. Successful graduates in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, and many island nations, have been certified by Paul Jerard for over two decades. Paul is a registered E-RYT 500 with the Yoga Alliance (An authorized trainer of Yoga teachers). Aura Wellness [...]

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