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Yoga Teacher Training – Objections to Safety Precautions

Part of Yoga teacher training should be devoted to handling student objections to safety. As teachers, we want the best experience for all students. However, there are a few self-absorbed people, who could care less about the safety or well being of others.

Yoga Teacher Tips – Methods for Concluding a Hatha Yoga Class

Finally, meditation is the unsung nest Yoga techniques of all. Meditation will restore clarity and energy. One who meditates regularly can attest that meditation will give you a full recharge; just as much as a good night’s sleep.

Eight Tips for Creating Great Hatha Yoga Classes

Some Yoga teacher training graduates may leave feeling a little bit depressed after witnessing gymnastic tricks at the intensives. Never fear - if you watch, assist, help, and show compassion to your students, you'll be a great Yoga teacher! Let's face it, some Yogis and Yoginis like to show off like they are competing at an audition for Cirque du Soleil.

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