What Makes the Best Yoga Teachers Exceptional?

This teacher may be able to demonstrate difficult asanas easily and correctly, which is most likely gratifying to the teacher's ego, but the asanas may be completely unapproachable for the students in the class. A much better way to teach a Yoga class is to tailor the asana sequences and other Yogic techniques to the students' physical, mental, or emotional needs and abilities. This is one of many keys to becoming an exceptional teacher.

Teaching Yoga: Virabhadrasana I – Warrior I Pose

By Sangeetha Saran Of all the asanas one learns in a class, or a Yoga certification course, the warrior poses may be the most well known. Similar postures are practiced in martial arts classes for enhancing strength, coordination, power and holistic health. The Yoga pose, Warrior I, is the first of three warrior poses. The [...]

Aura Yoga Teacher Training – Latest FAQs – Part II

I feel I could get a weekend Yoga certification, without any hassles. What is the importance of entering into an intensive Yoga teacher course that could take months to finish?

Yoga Teacher Training – Finding Yoga Teaching Jobs

Most graduates of 200-hour Yoga certification courses have sufficient qualifications to teach Yoga classes. There is much emphasis placed upon knowing everything; yet, there is so much to know. If you are waiting to know everything, before you teach Yoga classes; you will never begin your teaching journey.

Become a Better Hatha Yoga Teacher

How can we develop a system to improve the quality of our Yoga classes? Why should we care about becoming the best Yoga teacher possible? Is a Yoga session to be structured for the student or for the style?

Restorative or Chair Yoga Certification for Experienced Yoga Teachers – FAQs

I have been comparing your Chair Yoga teacher certification course to the Restorative course and have questions.

Growing the Yoga Teacher Within

Each Yoga teacher is different, but from the core of these differences is the style from which we rooted from. The foundational Yoga teacher training of each style is the core of our Yogic knowledge. It is important to have a firm foundation of knowledge, At the same time, this is why it is difficult to absorb innovative thoughts, philosophies, and approaches to the same problem.

The Seven Chakra System of Hatha Yoga

There is much more to Hatha Yoga than asana practice. Every competent Yoga teacher training graduate knows about the major, minor, and lesser Chakras. Every Yoga certification course worth its weight teaches graduates about the subtle body of Yoga. Ayurveda, and Chinese medicine.

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