yoga teacher trainingBy Gopi Rao

Yoga training grants us the time and space to the mind and body down. Moving in and out of physical postures while bringing our focus inward gives us the opportunity to sit in the seat of who we are. This level of Yoga awareness puts the practitioner in a state of connecting with the soul (spirit, innermost self) for the first time, in a long time, or regularly participating in Yoga practice as a bridge to connect the individual soul with universal spirit. Those who seek to go beyond the initially prescribed physical stretches for the body and tap into the mental acrobatics of the mind will uncover a limitless place of self-discovery.

In Yoga Therapy circles it is believed that by relaxing the deeper soft tissues of the body to expand the length of the body; that the body will realign itself to the upright, straight, and tall posture it is meant to keep. From this upper most vertical alignment, the earth’s field of gravity will properly support the body’s own energy field by establishing and grounding one’s physical and psychological well being.

This effect is actualized as the body realigns through Yoga posturing and meditation. When the body is in alignment, having done the work to create the space necessary for energy to flow freely, we are attuned to the earth’s natural magnetism. Being in tune with nature in this way enables the flow of positive energy all around. Acting with Yogic awareness and compassion is a natural by product of such synchronicity and one can accomplish much more than the average person with such a mental, spiritual, and physical expansion.

As many of you who have already taken Yoga certification courses know: Attention to alignment must always be observed when performing asanas. You want to ensure that you do not over extend your body or harm it in any way. Remember that Yoga is a science and was never designed for competition or risk taking. Yoga is about becoming aware. There are many people who are not aware of their physical body, true reality, or their own mortality. These people live on auto-pilot. You can easily observe people eating meals while driving, typing, or text messaging. Their reality is in a work-based virtual state.

Technology and a fast paced way of life have combined to make this work-based virtual state of mind. Open your self-awareness of your body (physical awareness). This state of mind will build self-appreciation for what your physical capabilities are and how often you push too hard or not enough, depending on your personality type. Physical awareness is the first of many steps toward full awareness.

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