yoga teacher trainingBy Sangeetha Saran

It is essential for a Yoga teacher to be a fundamental core of peace, particularly as it applies to a more peaceful world – one person at a time, one act at a time, and one day at a time. A Yoga teacher training intensive should produce a graduate who sees the deeper values of this practice. By being an example of kindness, by living in the moment, and by being present – we have all the space we need.

The single most important benefit, a Yoga instructor can provide, is to help students find their own “time out” in an overly busy society and world. Taking the time to devote to a Yoga training session is the first step; and of course, the journey begins with that step. It is uncommon for people to practice Yoga or meditation, at home, with their families. It happens, but it is not that common.

Unfortunately, children are not generally taught relaxation techniques at school or at home. Due to lack of training, people at any age may never have become aware of this necessary and beneficial aspect of self-care. The Yoga mentor, or teacher, is important in our society because of the need for training in breathing, stretching, and relaxation skills. It is never too late to learn spaciousness.

People may be so “plugged in” to their electronic devices–to their jobs, cars, friends, families, and other distractions, “the pursuit of happiness,” that they can’t see the need to take the time to look up, to look out, to feel, or sense, or breathe. Then, they wonder why something is wrong when they become ill or troubled in some way.

It is wonderful when very busy people look to Yoga for help. Often, people drive themselves to exhaustion, and experience all manner of difficulties, by not allowing space in their lives for healing. Taking time for oneself can be a difficult choice to make, with all the pressure to succeed financially, to make deadlines and schedules, or to live up to other expectations and obligations.

Many people feel that they are being selfish if they do something for themselves, but soon there will be nothing left for them to give, if they do not find a way to recharge and keep renewing vital energy (prana). Recharging ourselves doesn’t require a lot of time.

Much of the stress, we bring on ourselves, is by our choices. It is a priority to me to be the type of Yoga teacher who offers an environment which is a sanctuary in life; a space where people may step out of the “rat race” and become calmer, happier citizens.

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