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The Best Yoga Teacher is Inside You

Where can we find the best Yoga teacher? Who is the most mystical of Gurus? If I climb one more mountain, will the answers of my purpose in life be revealed when I get to the other side? These are questions each seeker (sadhaka) wants answered.

Yoga Off The Mat – Kindness, Karma, and Happiness

We often hear the phrase "yoga off the mat." Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 gives us some simple explanations of how people can practice karma yoga in real life situations. He also gives us ideas on how karma yoga works. Paul explains how yoga enhances valuable life skills, such as: intuition and awareness. Lastly, he explains how all of these aspects of yoga lead to a happy life.

Where do I Find the Confidence to Teach Yoga Classes?

Experience is a matter of learning from mistakes. You can improve dramatically by networking with other Yoga teachers in your area and...

Becoming a Yoga Teacher in Your Semi-Retirement

Matured Yoga teachers tend to be aware of the importance of student safety because experience teaches us to recognize the potential for...

Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Vocal Problem Student

The completely silent student does benefit from silence, and newfound awareness, during Yoga practice. Yet, questions allow more than...

Yoga Teacher Exam Stress

Yoga teachers often help their students with stress management techniques. Can you imagine a Yoga teacher intern stressed out over his or...

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Silent Observation and Student Abilities

Yoga can be a learning curve for a new student. At the same time, the methodology of teaching can be a challenge for a Yoga instructor...

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