yoga for inner peaceBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

In Yoga, there are many paths to inner peace. The one path most often taken for granted is pranayama. Many people assume pranayama is just breathing, but it can stand alone as a science and a path toward inner peace. The difference between simply breathing and pranayama is vast.

One might say it is ratio, mindset, mindfulness, or purpose, which makes the difference, but very few people are able to create states of bliss by becoming aware of their breath, without formal training. It takes time and constant practice, but eventually, Yoga practitioners manage to discover inner peace through breath awareness.


Peace is hard to come by as long as we hold a minimum of control over ourselves. We are tossed about on the waves of emotion, this way, and that. By being aware of, and in control of, the breath, we may regulate the more basic and primal emotions associated with the reptilian part of the brain.

By becoming masters of our breath, which is an essential thread that runs constantly through all our living days, we hold the utmost control over ourselves. This control stems from an unshakable and unflappable inner peace, which we know as: Yogic breath awareness.”

This continuous connection of mind and body, through passive pranayama, is a source of inner peace that can surpass most forms of emotional turmoil. The breath is always there, and always constant, but complete awareness or control over it is another matter. Our breath connects us to life in every moment, which makes it a little more complex than we initially assume.

One step toward finding true inner peace through breath awareness is to start feeling the connection with everything that is. The rooms we sit in, the earth below buildings we dwell in, the birds that fly overhead, and the people walking around outside, are parts of our connection to life in this moment. In this state of complete connectivity, there is no conflict and no strife. There is no clinging and no grasping. There is nothing but peace.


In day-to-day life, we are overrun with multitasking, but we are also completely out of touch with our natural breathing patterns. Modern humans tend to take shallow, uneven breaths, which lead to an oxygen deprived state in the body.

In addition, short, shallow, and fast breathing tells the brain that we are in a desperate situation, while corresponding hormones are released as a result. This underlying state of panic is a direct result of our inattention to proper breathing patterns, but fortunately is easy to rectify through Yogic breath awareness. If one wishes to bring balance and inner peace to his or her life, Yoga breath awareness is a great tool for promoting lasting states of inner calm.

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