200 hour yoga certification onlineBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

As many of you know, Yoga training is a good adjunct therapy for most forms of suffering and creating states of inner peace. There are many reasons for the suffering that plagues humanity. Some can be measured scientifically, while others cannot be measured through medical or scientific technology.

A virus or bacteria can be observed through a microscope. We can identify the exact micro-organism, which cannot be seen with a naked eye. The power of an unidentified virus, bacteria, or fungus could lead to the destruction of a society or life, as we know it. Centuries ago, people blamed witches for ailments related to micro-organisms.

Does this mean we should abandon positive thinking, intuition, and spiritual health, because we have difficulty measuring them with scientific instruments? The power of prayer and meditation cannot be measured at this time, but we know they help during the recovery from surgeries and ailments.

Medical doctors and scientists admit that positive thought and prayer help a patient recover. At this time, it seems that statistics are the only measurement that can confirm positive thinking, and prayer improves the odds of a complete recovery.

Yoga teachers and serious practitioners often talk about states of inner peace. This state of internal peace, or tranquility, can be experienced through the practice of every form of Yoga, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual in nature. Yet, inner peace cannot be measured.

We can observe behavior as a form of measurement. This is what the science of psychology does. When we observe behavior, we begin to realize that “normal” means many things to many people. In a multi-tasking society, one who has found complete tranquility, or inner peace, may not be normal.

When you observe angry commuters, traveling to high stress jobs, with anxiety written all over their faces, this has become normal behavior in societies where technology is dominant. In technologically-dominant societies, the objective of all humans is to do more than you did yesterday.

If your performance is less than optimum, you may be creatively terminated from your job for any reason. This creates anger, fear, anxiety, and stress. Stressful states of mind create many ailments and can cause death. What is the solution? How are people to find any form of tranquility?

If you teach or practice Yoga, you already know the answer. Yoga allows everyone to “unplug” and find internal peace. The mind needs time to relax on a daily basis. If we deny the mind of rest and relaxation, we endanger our mental, physical, and emotional health. The best time to find inner peace is right now or at some point today.

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