how to become a yoga teacher

How to Become a Yoga Teacher – Self-Study

The calling to teach any subject; stems from learning enough about the subject, to be able to guide others who wish to know more. The first requirement of advanced training, in Yoga, is to be willing to know one’s true self. This internal study makes Yoga unique, in comparison to some subjects, which require us to study how a particular subject is related to external matters. Yogic self-study requires hours of research, practice, and modification.

Yoga Teacher Training Practical Exam Questions

In our Yoga teacher training course you will learn to create lesson plans. You will learn many techniques and how to organize them into your own lesson plan. There are no specific techniques required. All we ask is that you choose what you do well.

How to Become a Yoga Teacher – From Dream State to Reality

Not everyone wants to become a Zen master or a Yoga teacher, but everyone wants to maintain control of their mind. Losing control of the mind is also another great fear. Yet, many people let the mind run on autopilot. They wake, eat, drive cars, and work without much creative thought.

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