how to become a certified yoga instructorBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Is it really possible to become a Yoga instructor or anything we desire? Many ideas run through our minds. Even when we sleep, our minds are dreaming and processing random thoughts. Most of our thoughts could be classified as a dream state. This includes waking thoughts that come and go.

Most of us take this random dreaming lightly and we rarely act upon any of our thoughts. For a rare few, these thoughts become “fuel” for action. To navigate through one’s imagination can be very difficult. We have dreams, but we also have deep rooted fear of the unknown, anxiety, stress, and anger.

During sleep periods, there are no guarantees as to whether dreams will be good, bad, or make any sense. If you keep a log of your dreams for a month, you will notice your mind mixes time, location, and theme, with no rhyme or reason.

Unfortunately, some of us suffer from this thinking during our waking hours, as well. In Yogic and Eastern philosophy, the mind is often compared to a monkey. Some of us may feel a constant background of mind chatter. These random thoughts are the creations of an undisciplined mind.

Yoga is one of the few disciplines, which can train the mind to become your greatest asset. The sorting of dreams, fears, and anger can be replaced by focused thought. The fact is: Some of your dreams are worth acting upon and some of your dreams should be discarded.

Not everyone wants to become a Zen master or a Yoga teacher, but every person wants to maintain control of his or her mind. Losing control of the mind is also another great fear. Yet, many people let the mind run on autopilot. They wake, eat, drive cars, and work without much creative thought.

Some employers would prefer that employees keep their creative thoughts to themselves. This forces the innovative thoughts, within the minds of whole work forces, into dormancy. The familiar mantra within many companies is “Do your thinking on your own time.”

The problem is what to do when you see a reasonable solution to a problem, but your help is not wanted. The answer is to focus your creative energy, where it can help others or be appreciated. This requires each of us to take action when it makes sense to do so.

To ignore a realistic opportunity, that can only have good results, is a waste. Whether you want to teach Yoga classes, or study toward something else, do not waste time ignoring opportunities.

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