yoga mantraBy Faye Martins

You have probably been in a situation where you had feelings of anxiety, stress and were unable to calm down. Maybe you took a few deep breaths to help calm yourself. Since breathing is a large part of yoga training, this is a perfect example of how yogic techniques can work in everyday life to shift your emotions from negative and anxious to positive and calm. As you make the practice of yogic techniques a regular part of your life, you will notice that you are motivated in all areas of your life. You will begin to have a positive outlook on life and will be able to deal with stress and anxiety in a calm and controlled manner.

Generally, any form of exercise can reduce stress and give you more energy. Yogic exercise methods have been known to help with depression, bipolar disorder, and the symptoms associated with these conditions such as mood swings, anxiety, fear, tension, anger and fatigue to name a few.

Yoga helps by releasing energy blockages within the chakras at the navel region, the heart and the throat. This allows energy to flow freely, giving you a feeling of vitality and renewed health. This will help you to connect with others and the world around you. Yogic methods have a positive effect on the endocrine system and organs of the body leading to a positive effect on hormonal changes in the body. Such hormonal changes can lead to a positive shift in emotions. Home practice or study at a yoga school will reduce stress hormones produced in the heart and cardiovascular system, which have a sedating effect.

With the guidance of a certified yoga instructor, your practice will open your mind allowing you to balance your mood. With daily practice, anxiety will be replaced with calmness, sadness with happiness and fatigue with energy. The different postures will allow you to regain control over your body and mind, which will help you control your emotions.

Yoga is especially important if you have had an unusually stressful day. Use the breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation to help you settle down after a long day. Yoga for emotional flow is an easy path to navigate.  This will not only calm you down at the time, but will also ensure that you will be able to rest more soundly which will help you face the next day with a renewed spirit. You should incorporate the practice of yoga into everyday life in order to reap the full range of holistic benefits it provides.

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