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Internet technology has made it possible for many more Yoga practitioners to participate in a Yoga teacher training program in their own homes, at their own pace and in an affordable fashion. Traditionally, Yoga teacher training programs required the dedication of a substantial amount of time and money. An aspiring Yoga teacher may even have traveled to India to study with a Yogacharya for a substantial length of time.

With the advent of Internet technology, a practitioner may engage in learning the art of teaching Yoga in their own home. With all of the obligations and commitments we all juggle on a daily basis, it may not be possible for an individual to take time out of his or her life to participate in a residential teacher training program of thirty days or longer. It may be even less possible to travel outside the country for an extended stay in an ashram or monastery to learn the finer points of Yogic philosophy. Internet technology, including video and audio classes and conferences, makes it possible to engage in the study and practice of Yoga teaching from any location throughout the world with Internet access.

The utilization of Internet technology in venue of online Yoga teacher training programs also makes it possible for a practitioner to study the art and science of teaching at his or her own pace. Every individual who is aspiring to become a Yoga instructor has a unique story. This story may be one of great physical training and prowess or profound physical challenge. Regardless of an individual’s level of physical mastery of the asanas, studying to become a Yoga instructor through an online program will allow that individual to perfect the asanas within the context of his or her own life and physical ability.

Residential Yoga teacher training programs can also be quite costly. The tuition alone may be several thousand dollars. When the tuition and the fees for room and board are combined, the cost of a residential program may be beyond the means of many aspiring Yoga teachers. The use of Internet technology to disseminate ancient Yogic teachings to aspiring Yoga teachers allows many more individuals to pursue a Yoga teacher certification. In combination with some weekend workshops at a local Yoga studio and student teaching hours, an online Yoga teacher training program will give you a firm foundation to begin a career as a teacher.

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