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2203, 2022

Teaching Yoga to Balance Emotions

Learning and performing the different yoga asanas can not only change the way people feel about themselves, but also has an effect on the way they feel about others and the world as a whole. While posing, the deep breathing and stretching techniques releases endorphins in the brain, which gives one the benefits of feeling good.

2103, 2022

Teaching Physical Concepts of Yoga

Many yoga teaching certification courses show us how to teach classes, but they can't give you the experience of addressing each student's needs. Granted there are a few styles who believe the student must fit in or get out, but our students are all unique.

2003, 2022

Mindful Breath Awareness – Teaching Yoga Outside

  By Faye Martins The mindful breath awareness technique can be used to bring attention to the breath during movement while practicing yoga. We commonly see this in transitions and vinyasa. When practiced without movement, [...]

1903, 2022

Teaching Yoga: Precautions for Back Pain

Each student who has back pain is different, because no two injuries and students are exactly the same. This is something every instructor should have learned in foundational yoga teacher training. Although I have outlined precautions and prevention guidelines below; these would be considered typical.

1803, 2022

Is Yoga an Art Form?

Within every art form there is beauty. As an instructor, you may have seen this beauty in the improvements in your students or at a prenatal yoga teacher training intensive. For those who teach Yogic methods, there is beauty in every part of this treasured practice.

1703, 2022

Yoga Teacher Training: Stress Therapy

During Yoga teacher training, you may have done a paper on managing stress. If so, it’s time to recycle that paper and turn it into a...

1703, 2022

Yoga Teacher Training For Migraines

After successfully completing yoga teacher training, many people ask about remedies for every type of pain and ache. There are many...

212, 2021

The Benefits of Yoga Practice in Relation to Stress

Practicing yoga gives your body a designated time to relax in what can often be a hectic life. It improves muscle strength as well as blood circulation which in turn works to detoxify the body’s major organs. The calming effect brought on by deep breathing and the meditative state often experienced throughout and almost always at the end of a yogic session stabilises the autonomic nervous system which works to bring about more balance within the body.

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