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Luigi Lungo - Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

Namaskar Paul,

I wanted to personally thank you for all your help during my Yoga Teacher Training Internship. From my first email to you last year inquiring whether the course would be recognised in Australia, (which it is) I was impressed by your prompt reply and continuing support throughout the course.

I had examined other potential courses before but none offered the extensive training of Aura Wellness Center. I will be recommending your Yoga Teacher Training Course to my friends here in Sydney, Australia.

Your weekly teacher training newsletter is also a bonus and a resourse that I have already used and will keep using and is a reflection of your truly outstanding and professional organization.

Thank you.

Luigi Lungo,
Sydney, Australia.

PS. Attached photo of me on our family round the world holiday in 2007 taken in Venice wearing my favourite T-Shirt ‘MY KARMA JUST RAN OVER MY DOGMA’

Denise certified Kids Yoga TeacherMy name is Denise Sheridan and I would like to give you a testimonial about Aura Yoga Kids Yoga Training program. I am a busy mum of two and run a preschool service for13 children aged from 2-5. I have practiced yoga myself for over 5 years and began self teaching my daughter about 2 years ago. For me the Aura Kids Yoga Teacher training ticked all the boxes.


Ruby my daughter aged 3 ¾ Starting Warrior Pose.

Firstly It allowed me to study at my convenience through distance learning.

Secondly the course curriculum; the exam ; the DVDs all prepare and teach you how to teach – not just children’s yoga for which extra material is supplied – Wai Lana material. This gave me confidence as a yoga teacher as I really learnt all about my own practice.

Thirdly the exam layout itself is a guide through yogic teachings. I have printed my exam answers out and use it as a reference guide.

I feel confident; knowledgeable and prepared for the years of teaching children in the future. My children love it , my classroom children love it and I have incorporated Yoga into my daily teaching at the preschool. I am also launching Saturday morning classes for children from March.

My vision is for Yoga to become a life skill for children. Not something we turn to as adults from a stressed work life experience but something that we do as naturally as reading a book or going for a walk. The quality and comprehensiveness of the Aura Teaching material has provided me with the tools to bring this vision to life in my preschool.

Thanks to Paul and all at the Yoga Teacher Training Program.


Kyhiera Yoga Teacher Training GraduateI was a single mom and a full-time 2nd grade teacher when I ordered Aura’s Gold Level 1 Camp-in-a-Box teacher training course. I was looking at an upcoming wedding, blending families, and I knew that we would also likely be moving within a six-month period. There was every reason in the world for me to find a program that would enable me to do this without penalizing me for rolling with the changes that were certainly coming in my life. Aura was the perfect fit. I really appreciate Paul’s approachable nature as well as the encouragement and guidance I received in the teacher training forum. In my 10+ years of practice, yoga has come to mean an awful lot to me, and my strongest desire in pursuing a certificate was to be able to share yoga’s many benefits with some degree of expertise (we’re always learning, aren’t we?). That said, I was disappointed when I found that the training programs near me were few and that they also required astronomical (I did mention I was a teacher–public school, Title I, California, single Mom) financial obligations and time commitments that I knew might conflict with life. Simply put, I just didn’t have resources to throw away. Thankfully, Aura’s program was wonderful. The books and videos I received were detailed and informative and really complimented and compounded all that I had already learned. Paul and the Aura community were quick to respond to inquiries and more concise in their business acumen than most of the people I was contacting face-to-face! I continue to review the resources and the notes from my exams, etcetera, as I add to the foundation i’ve established. I am grateful to be doing something I love and to have the opportunity to grow in it!

Kyhiera Machado

After many years of frustration in trying to find a Yoga Teacher Training program that worked for me, I was really pleased to find Aura Wellness Center. I live in a truly remote location, and am limited by low income and single parent responsibilities. There are many training programs available, but none of them worked in my situation. The Yoga certification course through Aura Wellness Center not only fit my needs very well, but was a real pleasure to do. The course was laid out clearly, all necessary materials were provided and were thorough. I found Paul Jerard to be accessible, supportive and very approachable. He answered all of my many questions thoroughly, respectfully and promptly. Although I have practiced Yoga for some time, the course really helped me consolidate my knowledge, and taught me much more as well. It helped me take what has been a very internal practice, and learn how to externalize it to help and share with others. I loved the course.

Sandra McGuire 

Valerie Long Certified Yoga Teacher

Hello Paul,

I am writing to update you and give a positive testimonial of the wonderful program you have created. I graduated your Restorative Program in October 2010 and business is going very well. I am teaching at two separate locations and my classes are growing by word of mouth. My clients all want me to add more classes during the week!!!! I feel your program prepared me to teach in a safe, respectful, and caring way. It was perfect for my busy schedule (a family, 3 part time jobs and fibromyalgia). I was able to work at my own pace and learned a great deal. Not only did you write me a wonderful letter of recommendation, you also wrote me a letter of recommendation for a scholarship I was applying for. The service is incredible and your quick responses are greatly appreciated. If anyone is thinking about getting there certification through Aura Wellness, I highly recommend it. You will not be sorry. Good luck to all and THANKS AGAIN, PAUL!

God Bless,
Valerie Long, RN, BSN, CYT-320

Madonna Scott Certified Yoga TeacherThank-you Aura, and a special thank-you to Paul, who is such an inspiration to me. I love my certificate and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it. I have, and will continue to enjoy learning and teaching, and feel I am ready to ascend to the next level.


Dear Paul,

I would like to thank you for putting together such an incredible distance learning program. My knowledge of both the practical and theoretical components of Hatha Yoga has grown by leaps and bounds during my course of study. The guidance and critique of my written and practical work served well to round out the experience. It is with great confidence that I approach teaching as I feel very well prepared by the comprehensive training I received during my certification process. Thanks again for a terrific experience.

Warmest Regards,

Lauren McLaren
Yoga Co Op of Savannah

Yutta Pinco Yoga Teacher Training GraduateI started my Yoga practice in London 7 years ago, then I have joined the Federation of Yoga in the Ukraine and been trained there to be a teacher, but back then in the Ukraine there was no such a thing like certification. So when I moved to Israel and wanted to work as a Yoga teacher I understood that I must go thought another course and get my certification done. But it was very difficult, because of the language issues and a time issue (I have a one year old baby at home). So when I found Aura Wellness Centre Course Online I really saw a possibility to make my certification with my baby. Paul Jerard supported me in my studies, was giving me support and tips regarding to my personal situation. I received my books, DVD, CD’s and writing exam and start my studies. I set myself a time when my baby was sleeping and studied. I have a degree in management and I can say for sure that my studies were much more enjoyable and practical than university. I’m so happy with a course I did so I’m planning to take also pregnancy and kids course.

Yutta Pinco,

Lynne Weston Certified Yoga Instructor

“The Yoga Teaching Training Course was a very realistic price which made it affordable to access. The Videos and books were excellent, and the course was structured in such a way that allowed you to complete it at your own pace.

Not only does Paul “teach” he allows his compassionate spirit to shine through. This is the essence of a true Guru, whom I have been privileged to have trained under.

Many thanks and blessings. Keep up the good work.

Om Santi,
Lynne Weston

Kimberly Tharpe Yoga Teacher Training OnlineI recommend this teacher training course to anyone that has a passion for Yoga and wants to share that passion with others! I learned so much from this course and gained a great satisfaction learning it on my own, at my own pace! I feel so proud to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Kimberly Tharpe

Maria Soledad Fernandez Certified Yoga TeacherI’m so glad to have my degree on Meditation Techniques with you guys. Excellent Service and Support too. Blessings from Miami.

Maria Soledad Fernande
Certified Yoga Teacher
Certified Meditation Teacher Teacher

Samira Certified Yoga TeacherDear Paul,

Hope all is at Aura well here with is my testimonial for the future interns at Aura so sorry I have not been in touch a lot has happened since my certification I ended up teaching privately at greens health and fitness club in the United Kingdom I am so happy I did the training with Aura and any time I needed your assistance you were their ready and Helped me achieve the high standard of practice and am indebted to you for your inspiration and encouragement I meant to stay in touch.



I am so excited to be able to write you about my experience with Aura’s Yoga Teacher Training. I did a lot of research before I decided to go with Aura Wellness. The materials I received were in-depth and professional but easy to understand. They covered every aspect from theory to practice to marketing to planning a class. I am happy to say I have been teaching yoga for several weeks now. I work for a studio and my employer was amazed at the depth of my knowledge and the polish of my classes. I have never been happier. I am looking over your other courses so I can continue my education. I love the newsletter and the videos and I really appreciate the support you gave me during this process. I feel very prepared to teach and to take my place among other yoga teachers. I can’t thank you enough.

Joy Karl
Dayton, Ohio

Hi Paul,

Sorry for taking so long to write a testimonial. I have a good excuse-I’ve been busy teaching! I heard about a prospective teaching job right before completing by teacher training, and received my certification right before the interview.

My knowledge of yoga history and anatomy particularly impressed them, and I got the job! Thank you so much for developing a teacher training program that not only worked within my schedule, but taught me exactly what I needed to know to begin teaching immediately. I loved this program because I got prompt individual attention and an answer to every question I had. I also loved the materials and media we were given. I will be using my books and DVDs for years to come. Thank you again for everything.

Melissa Mazza

I’m grateful for the wonderful teacher training provided through Aura. Paul Jerard has created an ideal program that enables students to realistically pursue their dream of teaching, while respecting our varying family obligations and financial situations. I was impressed by his availability and support throughout.

Kind Regards,

Diana Certified Yoga TeacherGaining my Level 1 Teacher Training accreditation through AURA Wellness Centre evoked a major transformation in my life, both personal and professional. The abundance of knowledge I acquired through the use of fantastic resources supplied in my AURA studies opened my eyes up to such an array of things that made me further appreciate the art of yoga in its entirety, and on a more personal level my body and its functions as well. But more importantly this knowledge made me more conscious of my future students’ individual limitations and abilities. Another thing that greatly enhanced my experience was Paul’s reliably speedy and helpful correspondence. I will most certainly continue my relationship with AURA.

So in a nutshell, Paul – two massive thumbs up!

Many thanks,

Andrea Olivares Certified Yoga TeacherDear Master Paul:

I received my Yoga Anatomy and physiology teacher Certificate. I really loved this course.

Thanks Master Paul and Marie and to all the people at aura yoga training because you provide invaluable training.

It is extremely professional.

Andrea Olivares
Certified Yoga Teacher
Los Angeles, California

Andrea Olivares Certified Yoga TeacherNamaskar;

I would like to thank Aura Wellness Center for helping me achieve a quest I’ve been pursuing for many years. I am now an official Certified Yoga teacher. I have been studying Yoga for many years , but have never been certified to teach. Now, thank to the lessons from Aura Wellness Center, the staff and especially Paul Jerard, I have accomplished my goal. The Camp-in-a-Box instructions are very informative, and the help with starting one’s own business are extremely useful. I will continue to study with Aura Wellness Center.

To the staff at Aura Wellness Center, all the members, and Paul, Thank you again. I am on my way to a new career.

Gary L Szuch

Emma Certified Yoga InstructorI really appreciate the support and guidance received from you and am so pleased to now be a Certified Yoga Teacher! The course offered is a holistic experience and the material included covers all aspects of teaching yoga.

The newsletters and extra support offered are also a great help! Thank you for your promptness in responding to all my emails and for providing a course which makes it easy for a student to work within their own schedule.

I would highly recommend your course to anyone who is looking to become a yoga teacher.

Once again – Many Thanks!
Emma Gleaves
United Kingdom

Charmaine Certified Yoga TeacherDear Paul,

I am thrilled to receive my Aura Teacher’s Diploma.

I was first introduced to yoga in the 1970?s and since then I have had many opportunities and the immense good fortune to learn from and have the darshan of some truly exceptional yogi’s both here in South Africa and other parts of the world, including wonderful India.

To practice yoga, and to have the motivation to do so, is divine grace.

Now I feel the need to pass on whatever I can of those gifts received and so when an opportunity presented itself to instruct a class about three years ago I gladly accepted. Then, as I became more and more immersed in what I was doing I began to look for a program that would formalize my experience; and because that experience is rooted in Swami Sivanananda’s Integral Yoga, it was important to me to find a program that took all aspects of yoga into account.

The Aura Yoga Teacher’s Training fulfilled these criteria, and as an added bonus the course format allowed me to study at my own pace. I found the course material to be well thought out, balanced and holistic.

The level of service provided and the speed in which any questions were answered has been first class.

Thank you Paul, Marie and all at Aura for providing this invaluable service.

Charmaine Horsburgh
Western Cape
South Africa

When the Camp-in-a-Box arrived on my doorstep, I was very excited. I quickly browsed through the materials, delighted by the depth and quality. Paul’s advice was simple and clear – start with this book then onto that one, save this for afterwards. The detail of knowledge contained in those books enriched me and my practice immediately deepened.

Discipline is a prerequisite for independent study; many obstacles ceaselessly present themselves, but by progressing steadily, setting goals, Yoga Teacher Certification can be attained by this method even if it does take a year.

I am grateful to Paul for creating and offering a complete, affordable Yoga Teacher Training home-study package. With his help, the Camp-in-a-Box, the Teacher Blog, the e-newsletters, and instructive videos, I have achieved my goal of becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Thanks again,

Chelsey Warcimaga Aura Yoga Teacher Training Graduate“Teacher training through Aura has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience. I cannot wait to share the knowledge I have gained – My journey through Yoga has now begun, and yours can too!”

Chelsey Warcimaga, Canada


I cannot thank you enough for providing this opportunity. The course and your constant devotion and guidance surpassed any expectations I ever could have had before beginning.

The course was so well organized and the materials and resources provided were so comprehensive and helpful.

Your fast reply to each and every email as well as the 24 hour online forums quickly helped me to realize just how serious this program is and that my dream of teaching yoga could finally be realized.

I have gained a tremendous amount through your constructive suggestions and teaching methods. Thank you again for helping so many of us along the path to living our passion.

Allison Ionescu

Elisabet Yoga Teacher Training GraduateNamaste Paul,

Thank you for a wonderful yoga education. I have been to several courses, both in Sweden and India, and this one was without doubt one of the best.

I am so grateful for all the material and web support, and I feel very humble and proud of my Aura diploma.

I hope you and Marie will have a long, pain free and happy life. You truly deserve it. And I hope one day to visit your studio and observe your kind energy in person.

Sat Nam
Elisabet Holmgren
Certified Yoga Teacher

Aura Yoga taught me to be a Kid’s Yoga Teacher. For the last couple months I studied the books and DVDs which were included in the Aura Package. The books were exciting and led my journey through yoga history, philosophy, asanas and practice.

Paul was a wonderful mentor and answered all my questions immediately. Thank you for enriching my life with this great knowledge.

Melanie Elzholz
El Paso, TX

Adriana Certified Yoga TeacherLast month I receive my yoga certificate with high honors from the Aura Yoga Teacher Training Program. This has been a real blessing in my life. The course was really suited for my particular needs, because having a young child and all I could work at my own pace at home. I was able to read the materials and complete the assignments.

The course content provided an enormous volume of information, thereby broadening my knowledge in all aspects. I especially like the “General Safety Guidelines for Yoga” which makes a teacher become more aware of tips & cures to prevent students from getting hurt while practicing postures, including the Paul Grilley’s DVD “Anatomy of Yoga.”

I want to thank the Aura Wellness Team for making my dream come true; thank you Paul for answering all my questions promptly & sincerely, as well as for your guidance and infinite patience.

Adriana Auguste,

Natalia Certified Yoga InstructorDear Paul,

Thank you so much for the Yoga Teacher certificate. I appreciate it so much because I couldn’t even imagine that I would ever get it.

There is no such opportunity in my country (Estonia) and while I was in Florida, USA, and attending a local Yoga studio, I couldn’t afford YTT courses and wasn’t able to combine both studying and work.

But through your fantastic program I actually got a chance to combine the studying with my job (a Daycare Teacher), my hobby (dancing) and my family life (got married in June 2008)!

I am so happy and grateful to AURA YOGA!!!

Natalia (Estonia)
Instructor Training Graduate

Nadia Yoga Teacher Training GraduateDear Paul,

I am thrilled to have successfully completed my yoga teacher training. I found the Aura yoga program to be very well suited to my learning style, allowing me to learn all about yoga in great detail, at my own pace. A very thorough selection of study material was provided which really enriched my understanding of yoga.

I was very impressed by the consistently prompt replies to my questions, which were very informative and delivered in a genuinely friendly style.

Thank you for creating such a flexible, well rounded course, as well as for your guidance, encouragement, and infinite patience.

Nadia Lanman
Certified Teacher

Steve Atlas Aura Yoga Teacher Training GraduateAs a Sports Kinesiologist, I have been more than impressed with the criteria of Aura Wellness Center’s “Yoga Teacher Certification” program. Paul Jerard E-RYT, has been so supportive and embodies what yoga really is all about in his teaching programs. My personal practice has improved 10 fold, because of my CYT certification from Aura. It is a proud endorsement I give to Aura, that anyone wanting to become a teacher or continue their Yoga education should rest their search at Paul’s Aura Wellness Center.

Steve Atlas M.Sc., CYT
Atlas Training Systems

Susan James Certified Yoga InstructorDear Paul,

I am writing to acknowledge the world-class teacher training offered by you, as the Director of Yoga Teacher Training through the Aura Wellness Center.

The curriculum is expertly put together and extremely comprehensive. The pace of the training is self directed and allowed for me to complete each assignment with care and without pressure of deadlines. To me, this is the best way to learn.

You were there for me at every step of the way and very responsive. There wasn’t one telephone call or e-mail that was delayed because you were too busy to respond. This demonstrated your care and concern for each of your trainees and of course, it is a demonstration of being a Yogi who practices what he teaches.

I am happy to report that the studio that I have started has become quite successful in a matter of a few months of practice teaching and as a certified teacher. The people who come to the class are excited to learn and share their experience of yoga; their friends stop on me on the street and ask if they can come too!

I recommend your training and mentorship without any reservation.

Thank you for generosity and devotion to yoga, I am very grateful to you and to your lovely wife, Marie.

Susan James, Director
The Yoga Studio – Mexico
Santa Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico

Connie Graduate, Yoga Teacher TrainingPaul, Marie and Aura Team,

As a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritional Consultant and Nutritional Coach my time did not prevail enough to participate in a yoga training school or program closer to home. But I really wanted to receive my Yoga certificate and I DID all through Aura Yoga Teacher Training. It allowed enough flexibility for me to read all the great course materials and finish my exams without any stress or compromise of my already busy schedule. And Paul was always supportive in any way he could be especially, with the quick replies to any questions.

Thank You Paul and Marie for giving me this opportunity to practice and give more to my students!

Much Love,
Connie Kwok R.N.C.P
Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner

Christine Ross Graduate, Yoga Teacher Training

The Aura Yoga Teacher Camp-in-a-box Gold was very helpful to me in achieving my goal as a Yoga Instructor.

I learned much about yoga and about myself in the process. Paul was very supportive and available through the entire course.

I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in yoga as an instructor or otherwise to take this course.

Thank you so very much
Christine Ross ARNP-BC
Yoga Teacher Training Graduate

GaurangaD Graduate, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher TrainingDear Paul,

I would like to thank you for putting together this wonderful Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program, which I passed recently. The materials I received from you were all very useful and new to me, although I have a considerable collection of books and videos. They helped me a lot in my practice and teaching Vinyasa yoga. The exams were also thoroughly put together, as well as your marking and comments were thoughtful and fair.

I think that the TTC program devised by you is a useful opportunity for those who have the practical and theoretical skills and look for international certification. Also the opportunity to consult with you as an experienced yoga teacher as well as with the community of Aura graduates is important to clear any doubts that could arise in the future.

I am happy to be part of the Aura Yoga Teacher community and look forward for further opportunities for cooperation and education. I will recommend your training programs to my other fellow teachers also.

Yours sincerely,
Gauranga Das
Yoga Teacher, Budapest, Hungary

Lori Loken Teacher Training Graduate and Restorative Yoga TeacherHi Paul,

I just finished the Restorative Yoga upgrade and I now feel prepared!

I have many older people with many limitations who come to my class, and pregnant women who often pop in. I now feel confident and prepared to be able to guide them safely and constructively. The Anatomy of Hatha Yoga book was a challenge to read through. I took my time with it – the information was so valuable. I highlighted, outlined and then incorporated the information into each class as I learned it. The tests from the course helped to reinforce the important points from the book. I am grateful for the guidance in learning to use the props correctly. That has added so much to each of my classes, and has made the difference to many students who are limited. I can also see how effective the specific combination of poses as yoga prescriptions to aid in healing are for students.

This course, just as the camp in a box course, has been a stepping-stone in my ongoing journey.

Thank you,
Lori Loken
York, PA

Sannyasi Shraddhamurti Yoga Teacher Training GraduateHari OM Dearest Paul and friends at Aura!

Although I am ‘qualified’ as a yoga teacher in my country, have been to India a few times and completed a 4 month course and stay at the Bihar School of Yoga and have been running my own yoga centre for a few years, I still felt that I should investigate deeper studies into the teaching of yoga and broaden my horizons internationally. I thought it would be so wonderful if I could do some yoga teacher’s training via correspondence… really not expecting to find such an opportunity. I decided to have a look on the internet anyway. To my surprise and utmost delight… there was Aura Yoga!

It was such a nice surprise to receive the necessary study material so quickly and what a lovely way of studying. It allowed me to dig deep and to really take a fresh look at what teaching yoga meant to me. The personal responsibility of studying outside of a formal course brought new inner strength and understanding of the power of yoga and the importance of Sangha (community).

Paul, I thank you for your professional approach in putting together these courses and never failing to answer the most basic questions and emails. Thank you for taking the time and effort to create this wonderful opportunity for us.

I treasure my first certification from you and am already deep into the 500-hour exam… enjoying and savouring every moment of it. Studying with you has indeed broadened horizons for me and my gratitude knows no boundaries.

OM Shanti,
Sannyasi Shraddhamurti
South Africa

Gayle M L Vanasse (and class) Yoga Teacher Training GraduateDear Paul

I had been taking different Yoga classes for several years. I have been working for a chiropractic clinic for the past 9 years where we teach people how to take care of themselves with natural chiropractic care, proper diet and exercise. One day I decided to bring Yoga into our teaching & told my Husband I wanted to be an instructor. I searched to see what options I had so not to interrupt my daily work schedule. I wasn’t, at that time able to leave work for any period of time to get my certificate from a retreat center. So I started researching other options & found Aura Wellness Center whom offered a correspondence course on line. It was affordable & gave me plenty of time to complete my course studies between my work schedule. Paul was always available to me for any questions I had. The course schedule was laid out step by step with all the proper materials I needed. I am happy to say that I recently completed all my courses and received my first yoga certificate. I am now able to bring the health of yoga to our patients. I teach every Saturday and have an average of 12 students.

Thank you Paul & Aura Wellness Center for the perfect opportunity.

Gayle M L Vanasse
Certified Yoga Instructor

George Yoga Teacher Training GraduateNamaskar Paul,

I just received my Yoga Teacher Certificate! What a wonderful culmination of the experience I will cherish for many years to come, the experience of taking your Yoga Teacher training.

The course content provided an enormous volume of information on all aspects of Yoga. The information that all teachers devoted to high quality and proper teachings of Yoga should be exposed to and have the knowledge of. Your course provides the highest quality material not only on philosophy and asanas, but also on anatomy, meditation and relaxation. Your instructional DVD on Yoga for Beginners and Relaxation are full of great instructions. Let’s not forget your business and marketing DVDs which helped me with establishing my current studio (Nomadic Yogis).

Having the opportunity to do it at home at my own pace tops it all! Being able to study, review and re-review the material enhanced the retention. Being able to pause the videos and review the material, or to watch it all again and again cannot be matched by any other resident courses.

After all, Yoga takes place within us. Learning it and practicing it can be done anywhere.

I’d like to also thank you for your support, any time I needed it, with your very prompt and complete responses to my questions.

I am looking forward to using what I’ve learned while teaching others and while practicing my Yoga. I am also looking forward to taking some of your other courses.
Thank you again for this great opportunity.


Brad Leve Certified Yoga InstructorTo anyone interested in teaching Yoga or just furthering their Yoga practice, I heartily endorse the Aura Yoga Teacher Training – Online. Paul Jerard, in his copious minutes of video instruction, prompt email and phone support and syllabus chosen for reading, provided me a very meaningful and rounded education. Not just a few asanas, either! The whole Yogic experience is covered, including (and I’ve not seen this anywhere else) the business realities of starting a Yoga practice.

As a newbie to Yoga but a professional flight instructor for 10 years, I attest to the fact that this training program is well organized, thorough, and elucidating.

Thank you Paul and the Aura Team.

Brad Leve, CFI, CYT
SnapflightUSA, Inc.

I consider it is mandatory to say thanks and to share an unique experience. Others deserve to benefit, too. For me, as an Ob/Gyn specialist interested in alternative and complementary medicine, the on-line course was an example of good practice, concise, and complete; easy to understand and full of ideas to change lives in a better way.

I think Paul is an experienced practitioner, but an experienced, gifted and talented teacher, too. His work goes beyond providing good quality information. He educate and help people to make good choices, to find the positive direction that everyone must find in order to achieve health, balance, and inner peace. It was a nice surprise that Paul answered almost immediately to my questions and my requests.

Dr Rodica Chirculescu, MD
Bucharest, Romania

Thank you to the “Aura Team”

I found this course a wonderful challenge and took the full year to complete it. I am extremely happy to call myself a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Paul is very helpful throughout and answers any questions about the course almost immediately. I never felt afraid to ask for help. I am already teaching an adult class once a week at the Golf & Country Club, as well as a children’s class at the local school.

This course gave me the confidence I needed to begin teaching and I love it! Thank you.

Beverley Welch.
Livingstone, Zambia

Dear Paul,

I now have my four-year certificate, and just want to say thank you for an excellent training experience. A few years ago, I was looking for a program that would be a less expensive alternative to a residential training, one where I would not have to “renounce” my prior experience in a specific tradition, and which still would equip me completely to teach correctly and well. With Aura Yoga, my Himalayan Institute background was accepted and you enabled me to take my beginning steps into teaching. You always responded kindly and promptly to my questions, be they about blocked email, technique, resource materials, or what have you. Sometimes you sensed that I just needed an encouraging, kind word, which you unfailingly provided.

Thank you for being there to remind me to keep faith and to trust myself, and not to become disheartened. I would not hesitate to encourage anyone who is looking for teacher training to work with you at Aura Yoga.

Terry Margherita
Colgate, Wisconsin

Dear Paul,

I received my beautiful yoga certification and am so pleased with it. I want to thank you for all the support, and always being there via e-mail to answer any questions.

I found receiving my yoga certification through your studio and on-line to be an extremely beneficial experience. The materials received were absolutely excellent. I especially learned so much from Paul Grilley’s “Anatomy for Yoga” DVD. I cannot say enough as to the quality of materials, and the learning format, as well as Paul’s support and immediate response to e-mails.

Thank you for a life-changing experience.

Sarah Crossan

Dear Paul and Marie and staff

Recently I received my results and certificate, I was so proud!

I appreciated the time you took to comment on my “class.” Throughout this entire process you were just a phone call away. You always returned my inquiries and took the time to help me. It was like you lived around the corner.

I am truly grateful. It has been quite a year. I have been accepted for a government grant to open and build a yoga energy centre and retreat here in the country, along with and including our donkey sanctuary. How great it would be for our grand opening to have you and yours come. I will keep you posted on this progress.

You helped make this dream possible. At 52 I have started a new life, your input and guidance was a huge factor and again my sincerest thanks. I look forward to continuing my education with more of your courses and look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes to you and yours.


Dear Paul,

I was very happy to study and practice yoga for kids during my maternity leave. Even I was very busy mum, I spent a lovely year at home with my baby and I was studying your lovely course “yoga for kids.” I learned a lot of techniques, which I am using on a near daily basis. I have fun and I love to practice yoga more often. I did not have a possibility to teach a lot of kids yet but I am sure when the correct time will come, I will do it.

January is special month for me as I am celebrating my birthday. My husband knows that I like yoga and I would like to work with pregnant ladies in the future more. His present for me would be your course: prenatal yoga. I would like to wish you a lot of success and thx a lot for your nice mails and support.

All the best Paul, you and your courses are great.


I contacted Aura Wellness Center about their yoga teacher training course, having come across them over the internet. The response I got was concise and immediate. When I joined the course, a personal instructor was assigned to me whom I was at liberty to contact. My Instructor was always ready and available to respond to my e-mail queries almost always within 24 hours. The instruction materials and program are very well designed to accommodate trainees’ needs.

Though I was already a yoga teacher when I started the course, I was able to learn a great deal from Paul. I especially like his emphasis on ‘safety first’ and the use of asana variations for different types of students. Using the techniques I learnt, I was able to deepen my practice as well as become a better teacher.

The other thing I liked was Paul’s holistic approach to yoga as a complete philosophy. These days more and more yoga teachers are focusing only on the physical aspects on yoga ( asana and pranayama). But Yoga is much more than that. In my opinion, this focusing on ‘gym style Yoga’ doesn’t give students what they should get from yoga. In these turbulent times, much more than ever, we should integrate the moral and spiritual aspects of yoga into our teaching. And this could be done without resorting to preaching or sectarianism. Paul’s numerous articles and books are a good example.

I am glad I took this course and certainly recommend that aspiring teachers consider Aura Wellness Center. Just give it a try. You will be glad you did so.

Yacob G/Medhin Shenkute
Certified Yoga Instructor

Hi Paul,

I wanted to thank you for being so helpful and also kind. I had decided to pursue a Meditation certificate which I felt would benefit all the other Yoga and Pilates certifications that I hold. Since receiving my diploma I had written a Meditation workshop which I will be teaching next January at my Yoga Plus Studio.

This Meditation course was wonderful and I loved the fact that I was sent all these great supplies so that I could always fall back on if need be. I recommend this Meditation course to anyone because it is very informative and it was a great price and Paul and Marie were very helpful. I will be looking forward to doing more courses with Paul and Marie.

Mary Risman (Yoga Plus)
Innisfil, Ontario, Canada

Dear Paul & Marie,

Our deepest gratitude for your wonderful, inspirational & spiritual teachings ! We are blessed to have received our Certifications & now our Re-Certifications from you & Aura Yoga. Your curriculum is excellent, thorough, and filled with essential truths. We highly recommend Aura Wellness center for Yoga teacher training & continuing education. My husband Jack & I have been teaching Yoga for over 8 years and we are in awe of the professional, efficient guidance we have experienced from you, Paul & Aura.

We love the personal continued mentoring we receive. We remain humbled and grateful.

Caron & Jack Krier

Paul and Marie’s program is remarkable. It was especially helpful to me as a stay at home mother, as I was able to go at my own pace and work during my free hours. Paul and Marie were available to me whenever I needed them – just a phone call or e-mail away. I never had to wait long to get a response to any of my questions.

The yoga teaching books and DVD’s are detailed and informative and applicable to my life as a yoga teacher. My students have definitely benefited from the information I learned on anatomy, yoga philosophy, history, meditation, yoga pedagogy, chakras, pranayama, and more. In addition, as a student of Aura Wellness Center, you have access to the yoga forums and newsletters, not to mention other resources on the site. When your class is over, Paul continues to answer questions and give advice on resumes and job opportunities.

My yoga certification came promptly and is extremely professional. I give this program my highest recommendation.



I received my diploma today and was thrilled to finally become a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Your assistance and guidance in helping me to reach my dream of becoming a Yoga Teacher is much appreciated. I found the program to be a wonderful experience. You include so many necessary materials that cover all aspects of teaching yoga – I felt that I had a complete education after completing the course.

You were prompt in responding to all my emails with any questions or concerns I might have had making the learning experience so much easier and enjoyable. Your program makes it easy for someone to work within their own schedule, which is not possible with other programs. I would highly recommend your course to any practitioner who has decided to pursue the journey of becoming a yoga teacher.

Thanks so much.
Pat Leto
New York

Having taught hatha yoga for over thirty eight years, I would highly recommend the Aura Teacher’s Training Course for anyone wishing to acquire a well rounded grasp on hatha yoga. Yoga has so much to offer that with continuing study and research you can always learn new benefits and ways to adapt your presentation to the individual needs of your students.

It is obvious that Paul Jerard loves yoga and loves to see people succeed in teaching. He has thoughtfully brought to attention a wide range of valuable points that will be most helpful to everyone practicing hatha yoga.

Aura also offers a great on going base of support with information and ideas to continually help you with your future classes and students.

Mary Sakaleros
Athens, Greece

I can highly recommend the Yoga Teachers Course offered by Aura Yoga.

Teachings cover a broad spectrum of Yoga related themes and should give you enough confidence to start teaching classes once you are finished.

The service I received from Paul was excellent. E-mails were answered almost immediately and he gave helpful feedback on both the theoretical and practical exam. I always felt well looked after and won’t hesitate to contact him again in future if I have more questions.

A big thank-you to Paul and the Aura team, I will recommend them to other aspiring Yoga teachers!
All the best

All the best

Dear Aura Yoga,

I just finished my exams to become a yoga teacher and I want to thank you for this excellent course. I felt supported all the time through my studies and every question I had was answered immediately by e-mail. I was impressed by the study material, every book and all the CDs were so interesting that made it a joy to read, watch and learn.

I have already recommended your course to a few friends, and I can recommend it to everybody who is interested in Yoga. Not only to the people who do not have thousands of Euros to become a teacher but also to the people who can’t afford to leave home and work to go abroad and study for it. Aura is the best choice!!

I really enjoyed every single minute of my studies and now I enjoy teaching yoga. I feel secure when my students ask me questions, I improved my knowledge so much and finally feel able to share it.

Thank you so much Paul, I really do appreciate and I will make sure that more people will find out about your amazing course. I wish you all the best for the future!

Yours sincerely
Kathrin Sattmann

Dear Paul,

I am writing to thank you for all the help and advice in learning to teach yoga. The course was comprehensive, and the support was always positive and encouraging.

I appreciate all you and your school does for its students. I am looking forward to teaching and learning more and more.

Dennis Reffner

Namaste Paul,

Thank you so much for your wonderful yoga teacher training course! I received my certificate and it is so beautifully done. I will treasure it always. I have already framed it!

I have a weekly class at an activities center in a local housing development. The class is going well so far, but I will be in touch as I need advice or assistance.

I am offering classes here in my home and had a husband and wife come today for their first class and I feel it went very well.

I am so pleased to be able to work with people in this way. I can hardly believe such a dream has come true for me.

I am also starting a private practice in therapy here now and I know it is a good combination with the yoga. Please send light and love toward that endeavor.”

Maryanne Horne, PhD, Reiki Master

Greetings Paul,

I recently received my Yoga Teacher Training certificate from Aura Wellness Center and have to say that I’m pleased as punch!

The Camp-In-A-Box program not only provided me with the educational tools necessary to begin building a yoga business, it also gave me the inspiration and momentum to move forward with enthusiasm.

I particularly want to thank you for the excellent yoga materials and support that you provided over the course of my study. I would highly recommend the Camp-In-A-Box program to anyone interested in teaching yoga. The program is also excellent for individuals wanting to immerse themselves in the private study of yoga philosophy, the chakra system, yogic breathing, and of course posturing.

Rebecca Johnson

Namaste Director Paul!

I just received my response from you regarding my certification as a Yoga instructor, and am so very appreciative and excited! I enrolled last May with hopes to complete all of the requirements by year-end, which was very “doable”. I have never had formal Yoga training, but have done self-study and attended classes randomly for the past 7 years. I would encourage any person who wants to become an instructor, or who simply wants to enhance their own knowledge and skills to enroll in your course. You were always readily available if I had questions, which were few because the materials were so well organized and clear. The resource materials were of highest in quality, and I truly learned so much. I just recently received a promotion, which was unexpected yet wonderful, and am uncertain as to how soon I will be able to begin teaching. When I mentioned this to my husband, he replied that the enjoyment, practice benefits, and sense of accomplishment that your course gave me was priceless, even if I never get to teach (which, by the way, will not be the case). I agree with him wholeheartedly and just cannot thank you enough for this wonderful opportunity.

Cheryl Mothes,
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Dear Paul,

I received my certificate today, thank you so much!! I appreciate the kind words and recommendation…

As a yoga teacher who was needing to re certify, but not interested in whirl- wind weekend courses, I found AURA’s YTT Camp-in-a-Box to be exactly what I was looking for.

The materials sent are written by the finest teachers in yoga and the questions are challenging and though. The information that I gained through the course is used on a daily basis through every aspect of my life.

I was also impressed with the quick response to all my e-mails and the answers I needed when I needed them. I recommend this program to anyone interested in exploring the practice and the business of yoga further.

Kimberly Carter, LMT CYT

Paul and Marie,

Thank you so much for all your help- I wanted to write a short testimonial for the course.

I started teaching yoga after taking a weekend certification course because there was always a shortage of yoga instructors at the gym. The weekend certification program inspired me, but as I tried to put together routines and study as many yoga books as I could, I felt very overwhelmed. I stay home with three small children and couldn’t just leave to go on extensive training courses, but I really wanted to learn as much as I could about Yoga and why it works and the safest way to teach the asanas.

When I found the on line Aura education program – I was thrilled. I looked into the course and curriculum and I found exactly what I needed. The course provided a structured curriculum, and guided me through many books with questions that were important for me to know and understand if I wanted to be a safe and effective instructor. Students who take yoga have many questions and they have a right to knowledgeable answers. As I went through the course work, I felt confidence in what I was doing and I was able to answer questions. I also enjoyed making hand outs for students out of the many questions on the exams that I thought were really fascinating as I researched the answers.

Paul was available on line and promptly answered any questions I had through out the year. Paul was very encouraging as well as helpful. The materials I received were thorough and I learned so much in a systematic way. I received modules spaced out, so I didn’t feel overwhelmed and everything was laid out nicely even for a busy Mom to do a little at a time. Paul and Marie took so much time to look over everything I sent in with such detail, and they gave me valuable input and helpful remarks to help me improve!!!! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in teaching yoga, learning or wants to further there understanding about a 5000 year old art form that is amazing.

I thank the Aura Wellness Center for all their help and tools and I look forward to continuing classes with them!!! I taught High school mathematics before I had children, so I am familiar with curriculums, and I am very impressed at how well this course was organized and put together, so I encourage anyone thinking about it- to go for it.

Lori Loken,
A Student of Yoga for Life

Dear Paul,

I just received my certificate & can hardly express how proud & happy I am; I must say when I first got the course material I was overwhelmed with the amount and scope of it. As time passed though I was enjoying my readings & watching the different cd’s provided, it was all very relevant and goes in depth into all aspects of yoga, be it physical, mental or spiritual. I have a great sense of achievement having passed the various exams and am confident that I am capable of teaching a class safely & with lots of compassion & care; having been a practitioner for many years will help me do the shift from student to teacher, with the knowledge that I still have a lot to cover & study. The amazing moment for me was when writing the essay & being aware of the benefits that yoga brings to people’s lives, and the realization that I can now convey those benefits in my classes.

I now give private lessons to individuals, paying attention to their specific needs, I am also considering teaching kids & introducing them to this wonderful art.

Thank you Aura for making my dream come true, thank you Paul for being there answering my every question promptly & sincerely.

All the best

Last month I received my Yoga teaching certification through the Aura Yoga Teaching Training Program. This has been a real blessing in my life. The course was exactly suited to my particular needs. I could work at my own pace in my home and it was affordable. I was able to read the materials and complete the assignments in just a little over three months. If I had any questions, I received a quick response from Paul. Now, as I begin teaching yoga, it is comforting to know that if any questions or concerns arise, I have the support I need from Aura Wellness Center.

Teresa Hoffelmeyer

Hello Paul,

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my diploma and how much I loved your course. All of the work was straight forward. It was fun and easy to understand. I learned so much more that I ever thought I would. You were so helpful with everything I needed. My questions were always answered quickly and completely. I started out not knowing anything about yoga and finished with all the education and confidence to teach my own class. You helped me strive for a better me and a better way of life for my children.

I will highly recommend your school to others and can not wait to continue my education with your school.

Thank you very much,
Colleen Kelly O’Malley Gardner

I had been involved with Yoga off and on for many years and taught Physical Education at one time.

I found the teacher training program to be interesting, thorough and supportive. It has given me more confidence and certainty, so was more than worthwhile.

Grace Dansereau
Manitoba, Canada

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