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You MUST Know Before Enrolling In A Yoga Teacher Training Program
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(a $19.95 value) Yoga in Practice: Click to download Take a deeper look at the rewards and benefits of teaching Yoga.
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See our level 1 guide, which describes the differences between the Yoga Teacher Training Camp-in-a-Boxes.
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Yoga Teacher Training Blog

for the continuing education of Yoga teachers.  Read articles from our expert authors and fellow Yoga instructors.
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Yoga Practice Blog

Yoga Practice Blogfor the Yoga practitioner and those looking to become a Yoga teacher. Read articles from our expert authors.  Begin Reading Now!

Yoga Teacher Training Forum

Yoga Teacher Training Foruma place to discuss almost any Yoga topic with other Yoga educators. Great for new yoga teachers and teachers who are learning how to run a yoga business. Create a user ID and explore the benefits of our forum today!

Yoga Teacher Video Center

CameraVideo resources are excellent educational tools. We are pleased to announce that we have developed instructional yoga videos, in full screen, DVD quality with world class Yoga instructors.  Click here to start viewing.

Yoga Teacher Training Podcasts

Yoga Teacher Training PodcastsListen online, or download Yoga Podcast free for the education of yoga teachers.

Archived Newsletters

Archived NewslettersYoga teacher practice and training articles, features, announcements, and expert authors. (Issues from: January ’05 – June ’09)  All other newsletter articles after June 16 2009 can be found in our Yoga Teacher Training Blog. Click here to access the archives