By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Are you able to spend thousands of dollars on a Yoga certification? You may have noticed the price of everything from gasoline, to lettuce, is going up – at a time when the economy is not in an ideal place. There is a silver lining for some buyers: The price of homes has come down substantially.

Yet, you have your own reasons why you would like to become a Yoga teacher. For some people, the reason is to take Yoga training to the next level is to help others, earn a part-time income, or something entirely different; it may even be a combination of reasons. This is much like the reason why people initially come to a Yoga class. The reasons for becoming a Yoga teacher are endless.

Technology has come a long way. Who would have thought we would be able to learn so much by streaming video, downloadable videos, or DVD‘s? At this time, learning to become a Yoga instructor has never been easier.

However, what should you look for in an online Yoga certification provider? There are many factors to weigh in. Who is the director of teacher training? Is the head trainer even a Yoga teacher?

That may sound funny, but if the provider also produces certifications in dog grooming, computers, baby sitting, and becoming a gun smith, you may have to wonder where the expertise begins and ends.

How many hours of study are provided? Upon successful completion of the training course, will you be awarded a teacher’s diploma? Do you see any signs of business or teacher ethics?

How much support can you expect? Is it a one phone call limit or is there unlimited phone support? Do they respond to your Email inquiries in a timely basis? If you are having difficulty getting a response at the inquiry level, how is support going to be once you are taking the course?

Alright, you have enough to think about; but take the time to investigate the program before you sign on. You could even Google the director’s name to find out a little more.

One last point: Does the course provider have a guarantee? It is interesting what you get these days without a guarantee. How many people buy computer software that does not work? It has happened to me, too.

Take your time, shop, compare, and you will find an ideal online Yoga teacher training course for you.

© Copyright 2008 – Paul Jerard / Aura Publications

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