By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Whether you are attending an on-site course for re-certification, a refresher, or for your initial Yoga teacher training, you want to learn as much as you can while you are there. Most onsite, or residential intensives, can be quite expensive, so here are a few tips for getting the most out of your training session.

1. Make a commitment to attend the entire session. Many attendants have family and job obligations outside of the training; but if you plan to be at an intensive, you should be there from start to finish. This includes being on time, or starting a little bit early, every day, and not leaving early, unless there is an emergency.

2. Keep any potential relationships in check. Sometimes, romance finds its way into every facet of life. If you suddenly find your missing soul mate, by all means get to know that person better – after the intensive is over.

Your primary reason for attending a Yoga intensive is to learn, but heated romantic relationships should not be on the menu. If you unexpectedly meet your soul mate, at an intensive, the resulting relationship will continue beyond the training. Time spent on romance is time lost at your intensive training.

3. Read the study materials, which are presented to you at your training sessions. The Yoga teacher, who prepared these materials, has most likely given you a concise view of the subjects presented.

Ignoring a trainer’s handouts is much like throwing a road map aside while you are on a trip. If a quiz or exam is attached to the materials – try to see the rewards of learning new ideas and techniques, rather than becoming stressed out over an assignment.

4. If you are told to wear a name tag, please do so, but you should look forward to being lost in the crowd. Do not expect a close relationship with the trainer or the director of Yoga teacher training. If you desire to be in a smaller group, inquire about the maximum number of participants allowed.

It should be obvious that larger trainings are popular, but teachers and interns who attend them, are lucky if the trainers remember them at all. Close association with a Guru or Yoga teacher trainer takes place in smaller groups. This was the traditional way, and it still works. It is extremely difficult to bond with a trainer in groups with over twelve attendants.

5. Follow the guidelines in regard to proper dress, wearing perfume, assisting, eating, shutting your cell phone off, and any other logical policies. Most of the guidelines of conduct are based upon common sense. Most rules are established after someone has already pushed the limits of sound practical judgment, in the past.

Follow the five above-mentioned tips and you will experience rapid growth in your skills and knowledge of Yoga.

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