UstrasanaBy Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Where do you start, when considering the many paths of Yoga teacher training? It is always best to compare Yoga certification programs to each other. There are many factors that you might want to take into consideration. Unfortunately, much of your decision making, when choosing a course, depends on time, obligations, money, and flexibility in your schedule.

All of these factors are important, but let’s take a closer look at what it can cost you to attend a Yoga teacher intensive. Not everyone has $3000.00 in US dollars to pitch a tent on a mountain side for a month. This may be your lodging cost only, and does not include the extra $3000.00 for tuition.

Do you want a private room and bath? That option is available. It may cost you $6000.00 for a private room. Hidden fees and additional costs are the keywords of some Yoga teacher intensive courses. You should be aware of extra fees for registration, application, fund transfers, testing, tutoring, consulting, counseling, mentoring, additional testing, membership, books, DVDs, CDs, and any other form of learning tools.

Did I forget anything? The bottom line is questionable fees. Interns should question them from the very start. This is much like renting a car when you are on vacation and realizing you should have bought it for the price you paid. Therefore, if you are going to spend a “king’s ransom” for your training, you should insist on full access.

Please do not forget food. If you are going to be at an intensive for two weeks or a month it is not going to be free. If you are in the middle of a tourist trap disguised as a Yoga instructor course, you may want to bring some food that does not require refrigeration.

Two more items to consider: Calculate your lost wages and your transportation costs involved, in traveling to and from, your destination. If you are presently employed, your employer will not likely understand why you want to become a Yoga teacher. You may have to “make up” a tactful excuse.

Transportation costs can vary, but how close is your retreat to the nearest airport? If you travel by car, your costs depend on the price of gasoline and the condition of your car.

Read any agreements before signing them. Be completely aware of the policies of the certifying Yoga organization. For example: Does the certifying body place a 50 mile radius around their existing studios? This would bar you from teaching within that radius.

Finally, you may want to make a cost comparison with a Yoga teacher distance learning program. Before spending an astronomical amount of money, it might be wise to become certified through correspondence. In this way, you are able to begin your journey, without having to pay for it over a fifteen year period.

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