500 hour yoga instructor certification programBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

What is your untapped potential?  Why do people take a certification course to become a Yoga teacher?  Could a Yoga teacher training course help you to find inherent talents that have remained hidden inside you? Let’s look at these, and many other questions, related to finding natural resources within each of us.

What is your untapped potential?  Most of us let a few set backs in life guide us down a well-beaten path that is traveled by many.  Most people do not consider their full potential.  Instead, they become conditioned to settle for less from life.  They “play it safe,” and become extremely conscious of risk.

Your untapped potential is your ability that lies hidden in dormancy.  You may not have had time to consider what you really want to do in life.  Assessing your natural talents is a start, but envisioning where your natural talents could carry you is your untapped potential.

Why do people take a certification course to become a Yoga instructor?  There are a wide variety of reasons why people take intensive courses.  Some interns may feel a calling toward teaching Yoga as a vocation.  Some choose to teach as a part-time hobby. 

There are many, who take Yoga teacher courses, to help friends and family members.  In this case, they are seeking enough information to teach safely.  Rarely do interns have visions of a big Yoga teacher salary.  It is possible to earn respectable wages, but this requires teachers to market themselves.

The marketing aspect tends to be a “turn off” for those who do not seek full time employment.  This runs parallel to the mindset of many artists and writers, who begin to realize that a successful marketing campaign may require 50%, or more, of their time.

Could Yoga teacher training help you to find inherent talents that have remained hidden inside you?  Yes, a Yoga teacher intensive course makes it possible to tap into the inner-self through self-realization.  For anyone who experiences this awakening of consciousness, the world around them has changed.

This change is due to a transformation from within.  At this point it is up to each individual, as to what he or she will do with complete awareness.  A few may use it to garner a respectable Yoga instructor salary, while most will use the information they learn to help others.

Untapped potential means many things to different people, but it usually comes down to our personal values.  Within each of us, what we see as valuable will be different.  Regardless of our differences, a Yoga teacher intensive will guide us to find our true purpose in life.

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