The average time for completion of this course and to become a Yoga instructor is 90 days. This is based upon the average turn around time of our graduates. Please bear in mind, there are two main factors to consider when considering time for completion.

1. How much Yoga experience do you have?

Many of our interns are experienced practitioners and some are practicing Yoga instructors without credentials. Some instructors have been teaching for decades, but have no certification. The more knowledgeable you are about Yoga, the easier this home study certification course will be. Therefore, if you have a lot of experience as a student, or you have previous teaching experience, this course will consume less time for you than it will for a student with a few years of experience.

2. How much free time do you have?

Each person has unique obligations in life. Some of us have children, jobs, college, house work and other duties in life. To study independently, you have to be able to set aside budgeted time for your distance learning each week. Once you get into the habit of reserving this study and practice time for your Yoga teacher training course, you are on the way to become an instructor.

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