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Infertility is stressful, disappointing and depressing, especially when it becomes a long-term battle. Though Yoga is not a cure-all for every infertility problem, for women who have undetermined infertility or the inability to get pregnant without a specific cause, Yoga training is helpful in conceiving. Yoga asanas (poses) reduce stress levels, which can contribute to infertility rates, and helps balance the body’s emotional and hormonal state.

Yoga for relaxation is a key element of overcoming infertility. Stress raises cortisol levels, which can contribute to infertility by interfering with reproductive hormones. Focusing on relaxation will lower cortisol and negative hormones to provide hormone balance in the body.

Yoga poses that help relax the muscles around the pelvis and reproductive organs are helpful to overcome infertility because the body is prepared for the baby. Forward bends such as janu sirsasana, which is a head to knee forward bend or paschimottanasana, which is a seated forward bend help strengthen and relax the reproductive area of the body.

Shavasana and Natural Yoga Breathing Exercise

Yogic breathing exercises (pranayama) are ideal for stress reduction. Lie down in Shavasana so the legs are straight and the spine is in a straight line. Hands should rest lightly on the lower abdomen. Take a slow, deep breath in so the stomach rises. Release the breath slowly and allow the stomach to lower. Repeat the process until the body feels relaxed and the mind is clear of negative thoughts.

Janu Sirsasana

Put a pillow on the floor and then sit down on the edge of the pillow so the legs are straight. Take a slow, deep breath and pull the right leg in so the foot touches the inner left light. Pull the foot as far up the inner thigh as comfortable and rest the right knee on the ground. For those new to yoga training, put a pillow to support the knee if it will not touch the ground comfortably. Release the breath and slowly bend toward the left leg so the navel lines up with the left thigh. Reach toward the left foot and lay the torso along the leg. The head lies against the knee last. Bend as far as comfortable and hold the pose for one or two minutes while breathing slowly.


Sit on the edge of a pillow for support so the legs are straight out. Take a slow, deep breath and turn the thighs toward each other slightly and press the legs toward the ground gently. Exhale slowly. Take a breath and pull the groin toward the pelvis. Lead the body forward from the hips and extend the tailbone away from the pelvis. Exhale and bend the body forward over the legs as far as comfortable. Reach the arms forward so the elbows are straight. Inhale and lift the body up slightly, exhale and lower as far as comfortable. Hold the pose for one or two minutes.

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