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Any type of relationship with another person can sometimes be complicated. Factors that complicate any type of relationship include a busy lifestyle, stress, exhaustion, lack of communication, and the exact type of relationship it is.  A key to a good relationship is being able to give and take. This is where the benefits of yoga can help teach people how to maintain a healthy relationship.

Increasing Awareness

A person that is involved in a dedicated yoga routine is able to have an increasing awareness of feelings, body language, and thoughts that occur everyday. The benefit of this, when in a relationship, is the ability to step back in times when a person is feeling unhappy, threatened, jealous, depressed or stressed out. There are times to take a step back and there are times to talk. Taking a step back allows us to think about their feelings before talking.

Improved Listening

Yoga training requires concentration and focus. These are two attributes that are important in a relationship. The ability to focus and concentrate on one thing allows other distractions to be non-existent for a time. One benefit for a yoga practitioner is the ability to place the focus on a partner and not on himself or herself. Most of the time, taking a deep breath and an ability to concentrate is all that is needed to listen intently.

Focusing on Details

The same daily routine whether practicing yoga or being in a relationship often gets repetitive. This can lead to a dull and unhappy relationship. The principle of mixing up a routine when practicing yoga can also apply to a relationship just by changing daily habits.

Be in the Now

Many of us engage in negative thinking that can keep us trapped in the past. This is much like being weighed down with excess baggage. Some good examples of baggage are injustices in our past. We see ourselves as victims and the past can haunt our dreams. The biggest obstacle for most of us is to put the past behind us by taking the lessons and moving forward. As Paul would say, “Keep the lesson, but abandon the baggage of the past.”

Thinking about the future is often a distraction that can lead to problems in a relationship. Yoga is often a great way to concentrate on things happening now instead of the future. This is important because the future is something that doesn’t always go according to plan. Issues need to be dealt with one day at a time. Thinking about the future can put pressure on a relationship, which can lead to a problem that could have been avoided.


Practicing yoga allows a person to be less judgmental of others and themselves. Many times having the perfect yoga training session is not always possible and adjustments need to be made. People may be calmer or a bit less patient depending on the situation. The same things apply when a person may not feel balanced or flexible enough until getting into a routine. A person cannot be quick to judge a practice, a story or a relationship at the beginning. In each case, we must allow events to unfold.

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