By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Even though we regularly receive testimonials from our graduates, an aspiring student wants to know what to expect when he or she has become a Yoga teacher.

Pages full of testimonials, and FAQ’s, do tell stories of success, but a big question looms: Will the doors of opportunity really open after acquiring your Yoga certification? This is followed by: Will I be a successful Yoga teacher?

Let’s look at my education process and the results. The certification, for graduates of the Camp-in-a-Box, is a Hatha Yoga Teachers Diploma. The studies and examinations processes are very “real,” and are composed of three parts.

1. The Written Exam is based upon the study of two teacher’s texts and a 50 question test. You can Email it in a Word document or send it by regular mail.

2. The Practical Exam is a video of you teaching Yoga, to at least one student, for at least 60 minutes. It should contain asanas, pranayama, modifications, assisting a partner on alignment, cueing skills, background music, and meditation or a relaxation sequence. You can send it in Video Stream, VHS/NTC, VCD, or DVD format.

3. Your Essay should be on Yoga, and its relation to any health topic, or an overview of Yoga and its relationship to health. Your essay should also be at least three pages long, single-spaced.

Once you have successfully completed all of your examinations, you are awarded a Hatha Yoga teacher’s diploma – but what do you do, and where do you go? Within the Camp-in-a-Box are business and marketing tools, which prepare you for the many opportunities beyond what many graduates see on the surface.

Our graduates teach at corporate facilities, Yoga studios, martial arts schools, hospitals, universities, ashrams, fitness centers, women’s health clubs, senior centers, assisted living complexes, public schools, pre-schools, day care centers, religious centers, housing developments, apartment complexes, private schools, dance schools, and many more places, which are completely explained within the business and marketing sections of my course.

The reason for this is simple: There are more opportunities to teach than there are teachers. Life teaches us many lessons, which we must put into practice to be successful. For a skilled Yoga instructor, opportunities must be prepared for every day, because they occur every day.

When you have the teaching skills, certification, preparation, and an opportunity, all that is required is for you to recognize it and take action. Over the years, I have coached many skilled Yoga teachers through this process. Success is always the result, because these skills are transferable.

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