Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Summer Slow Down

By Paul Jerard Let's face it, Yoga teachers who live in Northern climates have been looking forward to a break from the "winter chill." Your Yoga students have also been looking forward to the warm weather and they want to take a vacation. What can Yoga teachers and Yoga studios do to compensate for the [...]

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: Religion and Western Culture

By Paul Jerard When you teach Hatha Yoga, you are asked many questions. Although public awareness of Yoga, and its teachings, has increased, many people are just discovering some of the benefits within the many styles of Yoga. Therefore, you have to be prepared for the unexpected questions that arise about the mysteries of Yoga. [...]

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Value of Props

By Paul Jerard For Yoga teachers the value of props as a tool for alignment is priceless. Yet it is amazing when a Yoga teacher has a negative view of props and the students who use them. Every once in a while you get to hear contrasting views, but below I have listed a few [...]

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: What is Normal?

By Paul Jerard Do people puzzle you sometimes? When you think you have heard it all, someone comes up with a "new spin" on an old idea. When you teach Yoga techniques for a healthy mind, body, and spirit; are you trying to help your students reach a normal state? If that is your goal, [...]

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Transformation

By Paul Jerard Anyone who decides to become a Yoga teacher goes through many transformations, but your students will go through a variety of transformations, as well. The relationship between Yoga teacher and student is healthy because of the sharing of knowledge. Due to this constant sharing of ideas, the Yoga teacher and his or [...]

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Teaching Hatha Yoga: The Philosophy of Abundance

By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500, YACEP What is the philosophy of abundance? Is abundance just a disguised word for "money?" Can money be used for a good cause? Do you wonder why some Master Yoga Teachers, Gurus, and Swamis frown on the idea of Yoga teachers "talking up" the concept of practicing Yoga for [...]

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What should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know? – Part 1

By Paul Jerard Most of the time, prospective Yoga teachers have a very strong foundation in Yoga, but sometimes they originally come from a related field like Martial Arts, Pilates, Dance, Gymnastics, or Fitness. This is fine, but be prepared for a "learning curve" and do not expect to learn all about Yoga in one [...]

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What should a Hatha Yoga Teacher Know? – Part 2

By Paul Jerard Yoga teachers should have good working knowledge of Yoga posture alignment and know how to assist a Yoga student who is holding an asana. When you are about to give an assist - ask for permission first; as this might be considered an invasion of privacy by some of your Yoga students. [...]

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