yoga certificationBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

In Yoga classes, we learn about karma, which means, “to act.” The Law of Karma is the law of action. Often, we hear simple explanations of karma as good or bad, but what about inaction?  Inaction can also be good or bad, depending on the situation. There are times when it is good to think before we talk. With all the various thoughts in the “Monkey Mind,” it is best that some of those thoughts are not put into action.  On the other hand, if your friend is drowning in water, over his or her head, and you can swim, action must be immediate. In this situation, you cannot afford to procrastinate.

How often do you hear people wish for something, but they are hesitant to take action? It is human nature to procrastinate, pause, and put life on hold. People make resolutions, but most resolutions are just exercises in wishful thinking. How many people hope or wish for a better life?  As a Yoga teacher, you sometimes see people “try Yoga,” without commitment or purpose. What is the reason why some people continue the practice of Yoga, while others just try it out?  The reason is purpose or dharma.

If a person has not found his or her purpose, wishful thinking becomes a way of life. Positive action depends on many things, but is often “sparked’ by inspiration. We see something or someone, which causes a form of inspiration within the core of our being.  In Yoga, we may call this “the seer.” Sometimes, we also refer to this as “the witness.” Regardless, the seer within each of us is an observer who rarely judges, but can become inspired. How do you maintain inspiration?

This is the hard part, because you must take action once you have measured the risk involved in what it is, which inspires you. The seer is not afraid to go along for the ride, so you are in good company. The seer has no fear, so you must be the one to calculate the good or bad, but you must take action, while the seer is inspired.

Getting back to purpose, once you have found a purpose that is ethical, and gives you self-worth, you are on your way toward action. The next step is to develop a plan of action.  Yet, your attitude must be programmed, with positive information, to constantly keep your dream alive. This is “attitude building time.” If you want to maintain a good attitude, you should consult with someone who is doing what you want to do. You should also take the time to read inspirational books and listen to motivational audio books. Your mind can be conditioned to take positive action.

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