By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Have you been looking at different options to become certified to teach Yoga? Maybe some of the prices have caused you to take a step back. One of the first ideas that comes to mind; is how long it will take to pay off a six to ten thousand dollar loan. How many hours will you teach before “breaking even?”

The truth about education is it requires some financing, unless you have ten thousand dollars lying around in an old shoe box. This means that most people borrow the money and there is some interest to be paid. Over time, the interest could come close to doubling your tuition expenses.

For example, if you borrow ten thousand dollars at a fifteen percent interest rate, your interest cost, for one year, is approximately $1500.00. This is assuming that you can pay ten thousand dollars back in one year. Now, let’s look at an inexpensive option for teacher training.

Have you considered a self-paced, online, correspondence, or distance learning course to become a Yoga teacher? The total cost is a fraction of an on-site intensive course. In fact, at much less than one thousand dollars, you may not have to borrow the tuition or finance your education for years to come.

You will not have to travel or take time off from work. You will not have to talk to your employer about why you need to take four weeks off for a $10,000 on-site Yoga teacher training intensive.

After all, would your employer really understand about taking time off and planning to become a Yoga instructor, during your vacation time? You know your employer best, so you can draw your own conclusions.

However, when considering an online, correspondence, or distance learning course; you could easily pay any borrowed money back by teaching five to twelve lessons, depending upon the rate you charge and the clientele you train.

After you have become certified and recovered your educational investment, in “short time;” you can decide which direction you want to go in.

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