By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Does an affordable Yoga teacher training option, for interns, exist anymore or is it pure fantasy? With the price of everything, except a house, going up; how can we expect to find a reputable training for an intern, who wishes to become a yoga instructor, at a reasonable price?

Some interns apply for “seva” programs (community service) in the larger ashrams. Any large facility needs cooks, housekeepers, office help, and a maintenance crew, so this is a good arrangement for the student and the ashram.

Seva is a form of selfless service, where one may be asked to perform a variety of tasks that will maintain the ashram. In some Yoga ashrams, all students seek to perform “guru seva,” in the spirit of selfless giving toward the head teacher and the facility.

This exchange of work for housing, meals, and learning, is a traditional one. The idea of giving of one’s self to a larger cause is noble and a form of Karma Yoga. Not every applicant is accepted, and some centers do not have seva programs at all.

Yet, it should be realized that a seva agreement between a student and his or her guru may last years. If you have obligations, such as children, spouse, family, job, or a significant other, the concept of seva may not fit your lifestyle.

Interns, with obligations, may seek a Yoga certification course, which gives them the independence to meet their obligations at home or on the job. In this case, a
home study option is your most affordable and flexible choice.

Correspondence courses have been around for years. With technology advancing to its present level, every skill can be studied at home. If you are not sure about techniques, and desire some hands on experience, you may want to seek out a local Yoga teacher or search for a mentor.

Some interns have years of previous experience. This is obviously significant, when approaching any intensive learning program. Therefore, experienced Yoga students will progress much faster, than those who have less experience.

The Internet has made it possible for anyone to learn about Yoga instantly. Just a few decades ago, you would be lucky to find a Yoga book in a small town library. We now live at a time when any subject can be learned in an instant.

With the use of CDs, DVDs, e-Books, streaming video, and the ability to ship anywhere, learning to become a Yoga instructor, at an affordable cost, is much more common than in the past.

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