self-mastery workshopBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Taking an intensive Yoga course is a great way to take control of your life, direction, and destiny. Not everyone wants to teach Yoga classes, but an intensive course will instill inner confidence and reveal many methods for establishing self-mastery.

Intensives often reveal hidden facets of Yoga practice. These are not usually covered in regular classes, due to the revolving door of new students. It is easy for most students to become side-tracked during class time, in pursuit of physical mastery, but that is only one preliminary step toward mastering oneself.

The mind sits in the “driver’s seat” of the body. To develop a trained mind, through study, meditation, transformation, self-analysis, and self-realization is true self-mastery. To be in control, when surrounded by criticism and pessimism, is pure inner strength.

How often have you seen an elite athlete lose concentration during a competitive event? In a sporting event, the difference between victory and defeat is often related to the competitor’s frame of mind. Just the slightest lack of focus can become a major difference in the outcome during contests between professional athletes.

Many of us are so addicted to thinking that physical prowess is the final answer to everything; we often forget the mind is the driving force behind our physical actions. We see many people who display control, compassion, grace, awareness, and fortitude into their senior years.

Yet, seniors are often under appreciated, when engaging in conversations with their grandchildren. Who holds a grandchild’s attention longer – the cell phone or the good conversation with Grandma? If the cell phone rings off, most grandchildren will answer, even though they are in the middle of a conversation with a grandparent.

There is no need to say, “Excuse me” anymore. Do we blame society, parents, or technology? This is not the time for blaming anyone, or anything. It is time to realize that the power of the mind is being ignored by too many people. Technology has leaped so far forward that we are losing touch with ourselves.

It is often said that we are losing touch with nature. While this is true for a great many, it is also true that many of us run on auto pilot. Sometimes, children grow and nobody notices, until they move out. Sometimes, people consume two or three thousand calories during their commutes to work, without giving it a thought.

What could a Yoga teacher training course do to change this rapid pace of life? It depends on the subject matter covered, but you can easily find out by researching the course online or over the phone. You may want to inquire about the objectives, benefits, and requirements of a Yoga teacher course.

Recently, a friend of mine mentioned that the top requirement for all teacher interns, to graduate, was to stand on their head, at one of the Yoga intensives she attended. That is such a silly, ludicrous, and superficial requirement, that I could not contain my laughter.

Most children, who are 10 years of age, can easily pass the test; but if you have eye problems, have had a previous stroke, high blood pressure, heart problems, neck problems, sinus problems, or epilepsy – you would be wise to avoid performing a headstand.

Therefore, do your research about courses before taking one. Yoga is much more than a gymnastic event. Yoga instructors are human too. Many good teachers have eye problems, have had a previous stroke, high blood pressure, heart problems, neck problems, sinus problems, or epilepsy.

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