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Mantra Yoga is one of the nine main Indian styles. This may be surprising to graduates of a typical Yoga teacher training intensive. The value and purpose of mantra is not fully appreciated, unless a practitioner engages in regular practice.

Yoga mantras are energy-based words or phrases derived from the Sanskrit language of India. However, mantras can also be created from any of the languages of the world. The Sanskrit word “mantra” means: instrument of thought. By repeating the mantra, you are able to manipulate your thoughts, shaping them into a certain line of thinking. You can use specific mantras to cultivate specific qualities and energies in your life.

Formation and the use of mantras can vary greatly. Some schools of thought place special emphasis on the sound quality and others may view the meaning of the words as more valuable. Still, other schools pay more attention to the way the devanagari script is written, or a background Yantra, which gives visual appeal to the mind.

Yoga mantras are often used in connection with meditation or breathing techniques to achieve higher states of concentration, Samadhi, serenity, and possibly – enlightenment. A mantra can be of spiritual, mental, or emotional significance, for the purpose of self-growth. Mantras can be chanted, repeated silently, or seeded into thoughts as you focus on pranayama, meditation and relaxation exercises. One may focus on a particular mantra while performing breathing exercises or while doing dishes.

Mantras can help you focus and help you achieve inner peace. They are a way to refresh your mind and body. Mantra Yoga can also help you to relax during troubled times. Repetition of a mantra can help you to free your mind and help to dispel negative energy.

You can research common mantras that are already practiced by others. Your guru may give you a specific mantra or you can create your own that has significant meaning to you. When choosing a mantra, whether existing or one you are forming on your own, you should understand the meaning and significance of the mantra. Know what your intentions are when choosing a mantra.

Mantras help you to maintain a constant spiritual connection and empty your mind of distractions. They are very powerful and are often practiced to help to reduce negative feelings and energies. While chanting, you feel the vibration of your body which helps the mind to free itself from frustration.

Repeating the mantra over and over will help one touch the deepest level of self. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds with your spiritual energy frequency and open divine states of consciousness. After some time, the powerful mantra vibrations will overpower and absorb the negative vibrations felt within the body until all other vibrations are stilled and balanced.

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