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Practical Ways to Include Meditation into your Yoga Class

In order to incorporate meditation into your Yoga classes, creating an introspective atmosphere is an easy way to demarcate a period of quietude. Your own internal atmosphere as well as the atmosphere of the room are important when your are setting a meditative tone. Remember to keep your own internal state quiet. This will allow your students to relax and slow down. Additionally, dimming the lights and playing soft, meditative music for five to ten minutes, at either the beginning or end of a class, will create the space for a seamless period of stillness and peace.

Therapeutic Yoga Nidra Practice

A first experience of Yoga nidra can be difficult to induce. From a therapeutic perspective, many of the deep places of the mind remain inaccessible because the mind protects itself, always guarding against potential injury. Developing focused relaxation through practice can help overcome this obstacle.

The Purpose of Mantra Yoga

Mantras can help you focus and help you achieve inner peace. They are a way to refresh your mind and body. Mantra Yoga can also help you to relax during troubled times. Repetition of a mantra can help you to free your mind and help to dispel negative energy.

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