yoga teacher training programs

Therapeutic Yoga Nidra Practice

A first experience of Yoga nidra can be difficult to induce. From a therapeutic perspective, many of the deep places of the mind remain inaccessible because the mind protects itself, always guarding against potential injury. Developing focused relaxation through practice can help overcome this obstacle.

How to Find an Affordable Yoga Teacher Certification Course

It is true that not all Yoga teacher training programs are created equal. The reason for such a wide variety of difference is based upon the individual needs of potential Yoga instructors. Some interns are seeking spiritual knowledge. Some future Yoga teachers want to share a science that has improved their lives; while other interns may want to teach an alternative health maintenance system.

How to Become a Creative Yoga Teacher – Lesson Plans

One of the most common perceptions among interns in Yoga teacher training programs is that they should clone their lesson plans to become identical to their Guru. It is true that some gurus and Yoga masters want specific sequences of Yogic techniques taught during the internship.

Teaching Hatha Yoga – Two Asanas for Stress Relief and Mobility

Your students have not been to 1001 Yoga teacher training and certification courses. Try to remember your first taste of your favorite food. It was new and very pleasant at the time. This is how beautiful we should make every Yoga class we teach.

The Value of the Yoga Teacher Certification Process

Is there a need for certification and standardization of Yoga teachers? How can you make the nine main Indian forms of Yoga, and their...

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