500 hour yoga teacher training programBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

It is true that not all Yoga teacher training programs are created equal. The reason for such a wide variety of difference is based upon the individual needs of potential Yoga instructors. Some interns are seeking spiritual knowledge. Some future Yoga teachers want to share a science that has improved their lives; while other interns may want to teach an alternative health maintenance system.

It also seems that a significant number of graduates have no intention of teaching Yoga at all. The primary reason for taking a Yoga teacher course, and not teaching, is self-improvement. While this may appear to be unique – it is not. In fact, I would venture to speculate that one out of five graduates is seeking Yogic knowledge for personal growth.

Therefore, those who take a Yoga certification course are seeking the best possible program, that matches their needs, at an affordable price. This search, for the right Yoga course, may turn out to be an Internet quest that lasts days, weeks, or months. You may also want to research if there are any student complaints against the training center.

After that, you want to find a training facility which picks up the phone, returns your calls, or answers your Email inquiries. Regardless of how long it takes, one can always find the right course. If you are open to online and correspondence courses, there are many more affordable options.

However, you will want to take the time make sure that an online, or correspondence course, was designed by an actual Yoga teacher trainer. If the prospective school has courses in pet grooming, child day care, and electronics – do they have a teacher trainer on staff for Yoga?

In addition to this, research the school, studio, ashram, or center. Is your prospective school a mail box or a wellness center? What is their track record with graduates? Does the Better Business Bureau, or the town clerk’s office, know who they are? If you have difficulty getting a live person on the other end of the telephone line, during business hours, you may want to think twice before entering a course.

Take the time to explore each of the Yoga teacher training facilities on your list. For some of us, affordability is an overriding factor, but we should also consider all of the possible options available to us. Sometimes, inexpensive options are available, if we research just a little bit deeper.

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