By Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

Traditionally, Yoga teacher training was an ongoing process for dedicated students who practiced under the guidance of a Guru for years. During the early phases of Yoga training, students learned the fundamentals of their particular style. These years of questions and answers are invaluable for any student, even if he or she has no desire to teach any form of Yoga.

These days, one may become a Yoga instructor in much less time. Technology and the ability to travel great distances has changed the way we learn and has created a global society that is constantly changing. Technology will continue to change everything, whether we like it or not.

If you decide to become a Yoga teacher, nothing can stop you. In this time, a new Universal truth has been spawned. Contrary to traditional thinking, a new system of free thinking beliefs exist where anyone can become anything they want, if they work hard enough.

There are a few flaws in this belief of a short apprenticeship. Teaching Yoga classes requires constant study. The quality of our classes depends upon our own study, continuing education, practice, and application. If we refuse to develop our knowledge, our students reach a finite level of understanding and never fully develop beyond aspirants.

There are also other ingredients to becoming a better Yoga teacher. Do we know ourselves? If we do not understand ourselves, how can we understand our students? Another valuable quality is: The willingness to share everything is in the heart of top quality Yoga instructors. Class time is for our students and it is not “our time.”

One final point to mention is that my Guru teaches you to find the teacher within. As my Guru would say, “Lead the horse to water.” We cannot drink the water for our students (or for our horses), but we can gently guide them toward their ability make self-discoveries.

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