By Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

There is so much disinformation being spread around about Yoga and Yoga teacher training that the air needs to be cleared on some issues that often spring up in casual conversations. It is amazing when someone listens to one point of view, does no research and spouts off about the intricacies Yoga.

Myth 1: “You have to stand on your head to teach Yoga.” Who started this one? Little kids can stand on their heads with no problem. The person who started this absurd tale should take credit for it. The person who believes it should think twice before repeating it. It is a complete fabrication that defies logic.

Head stands are not recommended for everyone for so many health reasons including, but not confined to: blood pressure, heart problems, glaucoma, aneurysm, previous stroke, detached retina, epilepsy and many more reasons that would consume this entire page. If the particular certifying body requires head stands for the practicum, their view of Hatha Yoga is extremely limited.

Myth 2: “Yoga teachers cannot accept money.” Really – Then what will the guru eat and where will the guru sleep? Do not tell me “Indian gurus don’t take money” I lived in India. Everywhere people need money to live. In many parts of the world, a Yoga teacher has to make money, or eat from dumpsters and freeze in alleys, until one night when he or she finds the path to a premature death.

Myth 3: “Yoga teachers answer to the recognized governing body of Yoga.” Who recognized the alleged governing body?  This is a purposeful deception because this myth is most often started by organizations that don’t represent the government at all.   Their agenda is to make money on fear of not belonging to a flock. Yoga instructors have to learn how to use their intuitive skills. These organizations will resort to propaganda to make the public think they are the appointed governing body of Yoga.  Here is a fact: The governing body of everything is your government.

If the government chooses to make us pay a Yoga tax, we have to pay it.   If the government chooses to throw Yogis in prison, we will live behind bars.  Do you think your government will give away any power to a third party organization? Governments don’t give power away easily, without a struggle of some kind. Governments don’t hire Yoga organizations to take money for registration, membership, and applications, on their behalf.

Myth 4: “Yoga is a physical exercise only and it is not a spiritual practice.” Yoga changes people mentally, physically, and spiritually. If you practice a physical exercise only, then you practice “exercise.” No problem, but that’s not Yoga. Yoga consists of many aspects as pointed out by Patanjali centuries ago. If you never heard of Patanjali before, then you probably don’t practice Yoga at all.

Read the Yoga Sutras and discover the Eight Limbs of this sacred practice. Yoga creates spiritual beauty from within. Spiritual beauty or growth is not religion. Spiritual growth is, as my guru says, “Doing the right thing.” Doing the right thing may not be popular all the time, but it can easily be identified as: forgiving, tolerance, compassion, and loving kindness.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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